Friday, October 16, 2009

Emma Kate is 6 months old!!

After you pick yourself up off the ground because I am actually updating my blog... I know you will be shocked... I'm a little late w/ my monthly updates!!

Emma is 6th months old!! I LOVE THIS AGE!!! It is the absolute best... although I keep saying that. I love watching my sweet girl become more and more independent and uniquely her own self. Her personality is shining through all the baby babble!! She is a sweet, laid back, loving girl who likes to laugh and have fun!! :) It is just going to be pure joy to watch her grow up!! Between her and her sister... I am one lucky Momma!! :)

This is what sweet Emma Kate(cake) accomplished during her fifth month:

* she does an incredible "super baby" boy is she strong. She has fantastic gross motor skills!!

* She eats avacado and apples w/ her baby cereal. She's not the best solid food eater and she really DOES NOT like apples. I hope that changes!!!

* She is scooting and rolling all over the place!! I can hardly keep her still!

* She is a little over 14lbs and 26" long!!

* She is laughing and taking up a storm!! She loves to hear herself... and I think it is pretty sweet too!!

* Loves to play with her toys. It's fun to watch her grab at things...

* Sitting up in the Bumbo... only a bit away from sitting on her own.

* Graduated out of the car seat in the stroller. Now is sitting up on her own.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!! :