Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello, again!


It has been six years since I've thought of updating my sweet little blog!! And... man has life changed in these six years. 

Tony and I have had TWO more babies!!  We are now a family of SIX!  We have added Liam and Lauralei to our family!!  So our precious children are Ruthie who is 7 years old, Emma Kate who is 6 years old, Liam who is 3 years old and Lauralei who is 1!!!  We have been blessed over and over again with our sweet family.  I couldn't imagine doing life without them. 

We cared for and buried my precious momma.  My mom was diagnosed in 2011 with ALS.  She moved into our home in 2010 because of the beginning symptoms and she died Oct 31 2013.  In all of that time- she was right here with me.  She was in my home, and I have the privilege and honor of caring for her every need.  Easy, no.  Blessed, YES!!!

We moved!  I was born and raised in Florida!  I lived in my hometown of Ft. Lauderdale for 19 years when we moved to Tampa, FL for  a teaching job for my mom.  I was a sophomore in college- so I moved with her!  She was my rock.  After graduation, I set up house in Tampa and lived there for 20 years!  I met Tony there and we birthed all of our children there!  In 2014, he was asked to join the Dallas Cowboy's merchandise team in the art department.  We enthusiastically packed all of our belongings and set out on a grand adventure that was totally a God thing.  We LOVE Texas!!! And, we are having so much fun exploring this great state- making it ours! 

As we embark on this next season of life I am brought full circle to this blog and writing for a few of you.  This time- God has put much more in my heart to share with you.  I will still keep you updated on my sweet little family and all the antics they provide for me each day.  I will let you in on how we homeschool, which may look a little different than the way your kids do school.  I will also share with you the important things God has placed on my heart.  How He is working in me.  Changing me.  Beginning a new work in our family. Moving us to the next level- deeper in His word, and in serving Him.  

In much I am the same person who was writing this blog many years ago.  I am a mom.  I love my children more than words can communicate.  I am happily married to the love of my life and I am living my DREAM life!!!  And, in many ways I am different.  I have LOST big.  I have HURT big.  I have waged war with Christ against stupid Satan in some HUGE battlefields.  And, I am drawn to LOVE bigger.  Serve BETTER.  

I'm so thankful and honored that you might join me in this journey.  It is going to be amazing.  It already is... and I can't wait to share more of it with you!!