Friday, May 29, 2009

Emma Kate is 2 months old!!

Yes, my dear readers, all 2 of you, she IS two months old. She is doing well. We've gotten the gas/reflux to a controllable level and I think that we're about to move her back into her room in her bassinet. She's been sleeping in the bouncy seat in our room because she has to sit up to be comfortable.

* She is however, sleeping at least 6 hours each night and I'm hoping to increase that with increased control of the reflux.

* She is cooing up a storm- it's so cute. She works her mouth so hard to get out the sound. But once it is out she loves it and gets such a proud look on her face.

* She's smiling socially. I LOVE when her binkie falls out because she is smiling so big!! It is so cute. Even at 6 in the morning!! We have had a rather hard time capturing that on film though. Darn illusive smile!! :)

* She is 10 pounds and 12 ounces!!!

* She is already growing out of many of her 0-3 month clothes... and I'm starting to think it's time to get out the 3-6 mo box.

* She's such a good sport w/ Ruthie... who is in LOVE with her little sister. Sometimes, she loves her too much!!! Emma looks for Ruthie and just watches...

* she is holding her head up great and although we haven't been able to get the full head up on film... she is gaining muscle control

* she is batting at toys that hang in front of her and pushes up on her feet in the bouncy seat to make herself move.

* According to Ruthie her name is "Emma CAKE" :) I love that... and now call her that as a pet name sometimes!!

Here are a few pics and a video to share:

Holding up my head!!

The next several pics are the "many different faces of Emma Kate!!!"

This is one of my favs!! I'm sure she's thinking, "I just love my mommy!"

This is my sweet Ruthie Grace who has so cleverly put on a sock... only it is Emma's sock and only comes just over Ruthie's toes!! I think it's cute!! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ruthie is 22 Months old!!

This month Ruthie has spent it growing like a weed and talking up a storm. She is talking like a little girl... not much baby talk anymore.

Some of the things she has said:
* I do it
* I sit right there
* See-a-der (see ya later)
* I re re back (I'll be right back)

She is even recounting the Wonder Pet episodes- Here's an example of a conversation:

R: Mommy
T: what do you want love?
R: Ming Ming and Dinosaur
T: what happened with Ming Ming and the Dinosaur?
R: Stuck Rock
T: Yes, you're right. Good job. What happened next?
R: Ug, ug (making pulling and straining noises)
T: Yes, Ruthie they did try to pull him out. What happened next?
R: Slippery
T: Yes, the Mud is slippery and it got the dinosaur out didn't it!!

TO me that is amazing for a little girl who isn't even 2 yet!!

Here's some pics of my beautiful girl to enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out of the mouth of Babes... or toddlers

When putting Ruthie to sleep Tony and I always pray with her. So far her input has always been a loud "amen" at the end. Tonight, I prayed first. Then she said, "daddy pray". So Tony prayed too. Then she said, "more prayer". So I said, "what would you like to say to Jesus?"

Then Ruthie said:

"I love you much Jesus."

The tears welled up immediately. I love her tender heart. Please Lord, guide us and give us wisdom to cultivate a heart that loves YOU in our girls. Amen!

Friday, May 15, 2009

An Ode to Ms. Tracey

Ms. Tracey is our fantastic Physical Therapist who was a total answer to prayer! She is first of all a Christian- which did this mommy's heart good! She is loving, kind, knowledgeable, and talented! And, and major plus she is a good runner- which is helpful because she spends most of the time running after Ruthie who has seen another fun and exciting thing to get into...

I swear, that Pedi Rehab is like a kiddie playland on steroids. There is something fun to get into around every corner. When Ruthie started out she wasn't walking, she was about 16 months old and she was just cruising while holding on to furniture. Tracey determined that she has low muscle tone and needed PT two times a week until her muscles stregthened enough to allow her to walk. Meanwhile, we were visiting the neurologist and he ordered an EEG and an MRI- both which came back normal! Praise Jesus!

Today, I am proud to say, was our last evaluation!! Ruthie has graduated and is no longer in PT on Ms. Tracey's case load. While I am super proud of Ruthie and very excited that she's made this progress... she's now running and kicking, and right on track. I will miss our PT appt. because God used them to teach me. He put a wonderful friend in my path that encouraged me, loved my child, and gave my child the gift of being able to walk. And, a major plus- Tracey is hysterical. She had me in stitches with her stories most of the time! It was like a coffee play-date minus the coffee!!

Here are a few pics of Ruthie last offical PT session- right after Emma was born.
These are called "ker-plops" Ruthie has to "ker-plop" on her back and then sit up. She has to use her abdominal muscles to do this and those core muscles are what helps her keep her balance and be able to stand up w/ out holding on. She started every session out w/ a bunch of these!

This is the next step... up on the knees. She didn't start doing this until later

Going up the ramp... at the end is a slide!! At first she started out pushing a kids grocery cart filled with weight balls up the ramp. Actually she wasn't able to push it more than 3 steps the first several times. But, as she grew stronger she'd push it farther and Tracey would add more weight. Then she would take her up the ramp! Now she can run/walk up and DOWN the ramp w/ out any help!! :)

Going up the stairs also builds those muscles and allows her to practice an important skill! She would have to take puzzle pieces up the stairs and complete the puzzle. One piece at a time... that would give her a purpose for going up and down other than just "working out"!!

Ms. Tracey w/ Ruthie and Emma. We love you Ms. Tracey, and we will be eternally grateful that God placed you in our life!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here are some pics of the sweetest sisters in the world... I'm tearing up.

Ruthie was watching Wonder Pets on TV and I put Emma on the play mate for some Tummy Time. As I am facebooking I hear Ruthie get off the chair and start talking to Emma. When I checked on them this is what I found. HOW SWEET is that? Ruthie wanted to be next to Emma and then reached out, unprompted, to hold Emma's hand. I think Ruthie is the best big sister ever... Emma is a LUCKY GIRL!! :) I love my two girls!! :)

She Color's My Day

Remember High School... in the eighties? Remember Amy Grant? Well she has an awesome new EP out on itunes... go listen to it!! :) Love Her Voice!!

click here

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emma Kate is 1 month old!!

As usual I am a bit late with this post!! Boy- it is hard to keep up... I am going to have to do a much better job in the future...

But, My little Emma is the sweetest thing. She is doing well, eating good, and growing!! She is LOVED by all of us, but my heart swells with pride/love/something that words can't describe when Ruthie shows how much she loves her. Ruthie is so sweet with Emma. She pats her back when I'm burping her, she rubs her leg and says, "it's ok Emma" and she gives Emma her binkie when she is crying. (She also likes to try out the binkie before she gives it to her... it's kind of cute!)

Here are some other things that have occured in the last two weeks:
* Emma has been diagnosed w/ GERD and is on medicine. This is great because she wasn't sleeping after I nursed her at night. When I would lay her back down she would cry. So Tony and I decided to sleep her in her bouncy seat and that was like a miracle. She began sleeping through the night again. She also spits up quite a bit. So- we're hoping w/ the medicine that she will feel better soon.

* She has slept for 7 hours at night for the last 3 nights- however tonight I'm sure she won't sleep that long because I just published it for the world to read!

* She weighs 9lbs and 12 ounces. CRAZY. This girl is solid. She eats well (obviously) and is gaining faster than Ruthie did!

* She has started to smile. They aren't full on smiles yet, and they aren't in response to anything in particular that I can tell, but she has given us a glimpse of the beautiful smile that we will see often in the future!

* She is doing well picking her head up and holding it. We are amazed at her mad neck strength!!

* Still having some gas issues and makes sounds like a baby elephant when she has gas pain. She does however, usually sleep through the pain.. PTL. After a while of hearing those sounds I take her little legs and roll them up into her tummy to relieve the gas... and people, I tell you she has longer and louder, uh hem farts, than her daddy!! That girl can rip a good one!! Poor little belly w/ all that gas built up. She doesn't really like it when I roll her up like that, but she does get a very relieved look on her face when she's done. I can only imagine how much better it feels afterwards!!

* She is such an easy baby. She RARELY cries unless something is wrong (ie diaper, hunger, gas...) and sleeps very well. And has the most adorable face and eyes. I love when she's awake and just looks at me. I can't wait for her to start cooing on a regular basis and for her to respond back and forth with us!! I just love being a mommy.

* she is using a pacifier. I gave in after 3 weeks. She just wouldn't keep her thumb in at night and I was SO TIRED. However, looking back I think if I had moved her to the bouncy seat instead of giving her the paci I would have gotten a sleeping baby who sucks her thumb. Oh- well, maybe the next one will be a thumb sucker!!

* She lost her umbilical chord - well actually it was pulled off during a middle of the night diaper change... Boy did I feel bad. But, she really didn't cry- I guess it was ready!!

* He had her first real bath... pictures to follow!

* I haven't put her on the floor in the gym as much as I did w/ Ruthie because I have Ruthie running around and the dog... and I'm afraid she'll just get trampled on... our house is a little small... but I'm beginning to move in that direction!!

* Doesn't tuck her feet/legs/knees up under her when she is on her belly as much as Ruthie did. But, then she was in a breech position for much of my pregnancy. Perhaps there was more leg room that way? :)

* She knows our voices... and has for quite a while. Turns towards the voice.

* Loves to be held tummy down on something- that helps w/ the GERD!

* Definitely gets mad like her sister and daddy!

Here are some adorable pics for you to enjoy!
All bundled up after her bath... we have a similar pic of Ruthie in a post here if you want to check it out!

Her first real bath

My beautiful & sweet little girl!!

When looking back at posts from Ruthie's first month it is amazing at how fast Emma's first month has flown by. I thought Ruthie grew up quickly- this is crazy!! So, dear Emma, if you don't have as many posts or pictures it is not becuase you are loved less- but because I am busy loving you both in action. I am chasing your sister to tickle her, we are reading books together- all three of us, I am feeding you, we are watching Wonder Pets, we are at the store or mall - learning to love shopping- But no matter what we are doing we are enjoying and loving every minute of being together. I pray that the Lord blesses us with many YEARS of girl time together. I love you so much my sweet little girl.