Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruthie goes to DANCE!!

Ruthie had a wonderful morning at her first dance class. Her teacher, Ms. Jane, is fantastic. She's the right combo of encouraging and clear with her expectations!! Ruthie was SO excited to go. She loves to "dance" around the house! My sweet little girl did a great job... although she made me chuckle at her spunk, individuality, and her love of "RUNNING"!! I know she will love this even more as the year goes on.

She goes once a week, and is in a Combo class, Tap, Ballet, and Acro!!

At home before we head out:

Super Excited!!

Her w/ her teacher, Ms. Jane, and her other classmate!

Walking into class, on her own... what a big girl!

Ruthie doing a summersault w/ Ms. Jane's help!

All done!! She had sooo much fun and worked so hard!! I'm proud of my little dancer!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Emma Kate is 4 months old!!

oh, my sweet Emma... you are 4 months old and you've been for at least 2 weeks. How is it that time flies so fast? Emma turned 4 months old on the day we left for the beach... So we were with out our computer for a week and then, well, life just starts running!!

But, I want to update you on what she's accomplished during her 3rd month...

* She rolled over!! From tummy to back!! I can't get it on picture because she always does it when we're not looking... the little stinker!!

* She is talking up a storm!! She uses different vocal sounds, levels, and totally holds a baby cooing conversation.

* She is 12.2lbs and 23 3/4 inches long!!

* She is supper strong at holding up her head... crazy!

* Loves her fingers. No more binkie for Emma!!

* Loves her lovie. She has to have the blanket!!

* Loves to be with people. She doesn't have to be held but doesn't want to be left alone in a room!

* She is such a sweet natured, good baby who makes it a joy to be her mom! It's crazy how much I love this little girl!! :)

Here are some pics: