Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruthie is 21 months old!!! (about 2 weeks ago!)

This post is a long time coming.... I need to post about Emma being 1 MONTH OLD TODAY, but I will not allow myself that post until I write about Ruthie's 20th month!! So much has happened this month... my little baby grew up and it is amazing. She is talking up a storm... sentences with 5-7 words in them, using pronouns CORRECTLY, and is such a sweet loving older sister!!

She said the other day, when Emma was under the nursing cover, "Where did Emma go? Peek-boo, I see you" Isn't that cute!

Here are some other things that she's been up to:

* She has a monkey puppet at my mom's house and she LOVES monkey (original name, huh?) That is her second favorite.. right after "Cucky" (Ducky).

* Salad is her new favorite food. She LOVES it. She wants to eat it before ANYTHING else, and if you have some and you don't share... oh my does she get upset!!

* She started to tickle us... it's so cute she wiggles her fingers and says, "Kee-kle, Kee-kle" She has such a fun personality that is emerging. She is funny- what a sense of humor- and she love to laugh- what a beautiful laugh she has- and she is a stinker- she'll get you just for the fun of it and have a twinkle in her eye the whole time!!

* She became a BIG SISTER!!! She loves Emma so much and had done an excellent job adjusting. This month has been hard- not only did she become a big sister but also Tony's brother and family moved back into town from Washington state. And we are thrilled they are here. The hard part is they have a daughter 2 months older than Ruthie- so she's gone from not having to share anything (toys/mommy/daddy/aunts/uncles/cousins/grandma/pawpaw)- to having to share EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING in her life all at the same time. She's done remarkable well for being so young and having so much expected of her. I am SO proud of how she has handled it all. What a trooper.

* She loves to give Emma kisses, to hold her, and she even offered Emma her blankie one night!!

* She has always loved it when I (or anyone) sings. Music is something that makes her happy and soothes her. So it was no surprise to me that she has started singing all the time. Her songs are so cute. It is mostly her baby talk in a sing/song voice. PRECIOUS!! However, she does sing Itsy Bitsy Spider pretty well... it goes like this

Mommy- "The itsy bitsy spider when up the water spout" (Ruthie doing the hand motions)
Mommy and Ruthie- "Down"
Mommy- "came the rain and" (Ruthie doing the hand motions
Mommy and Ruthie- "Wash"
Mommy - "the spider out"
Mommy and Ruthie "up came -the- Sun"
Mommy- "and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again"
Ruthie- clapping and says "yeah!"

* She loves to blow bubbles and to pop them. She's even started to pretend to blow bubbles by putting her index finger to her lips and blowing, then she points her finger into the air and says "POP" say it with me now, "It's SO cute!"

* She started calling butterflies "flowers" but by the end of the month they are "fowr-flies"

*She thinks grapes are "mummy" (yummy) and calls them "Wwww-eeks" because I always say "grrrrrr-apes" trying to emphasize the beginning blend of 'gr'!!

* Said to me "mommy I sit here" and sat on a pillow on the floor like it was her throne. Has been telling us where she wants to sit ever since!!

* She often gets her leg stuck between the bars of her crib... I guess it's fun to do when you're waiting for mommy to come get you in the morning... fun until you get stuck. So when I hear the cry- the one that means come now- I know that she is stuck. I get to her room asap and she says to me, "Mommy, I'm stuck"

* "I know" has been her favorite answer when we tell her she's doing something that she shouldn't. It's all we can do not to laugh.

* "mommy, I keen the floor" has also been said a few times. She loves the swifter duster and so I've been known to give her one to "play" with!

* She has a plastic travel mug that I allow her to play with. The other day she comes out of her room w/ the mug and says, "my coffee". I guess all the girls in her life have been drinking a little too much of that stuff. That mug is officially her "coffee"

* She has been saying for quite some time now, I love you which comes out more like this, "I wa wa you" but she recently added this to the end, "I wa wa you much" because I often say, "I love you very much" Melts my mommy heart... big time!

* She graduated out of Physical Therapy. I'll do a whole post on that, but wanted to document the occasion. We go back for a check up in a few weeks and then maybe again in 6 months. But, she's worked so hard and her PT is so good that she's mastered the skills needed for her age!! :) YEAH!!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!
John Deer Tracker shirt - courtesy of Mr. Bill!!

Playing "side" with Daddy!

Technically this isn't from her 20th month.. but this is mommy and Ruthie at the farm!

Ruthie dusting her bike

I don't know what she was trying to do... I think she was trying to sit on the edge of the baby bed, but she ended up falling in. I though it was so cute that I didn't get her out, I got my camera instead. Although, after the pic I DID get her out.

Ruthie as Tinkerbell- She's beginning to love dressing up!!

After one of her favorite things (taking off all her clothes and her diaper) to pass the time until mommy gets her up and out of her bed!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks!!!

I can't believe Emma is two weeks old... actually she's almost 3 weeks old. TIME FLIES!!! She's already growing bigger. I just want it to SLOW DOWN!! I knew that having two children would totally increase the work load at home... I was waiting and ready for that. But, I didn't realize what an emotional time these two weeks would be. From being elated that we have a new baby in our family, to loving and bonding w/ the new baby, to worrying about Ruthie and how she is handling all the changes, to feeling like Ruthie is so big she doesn't even need her mommy any more... WOW! It's been quite an emotional ride. Thankfully, I have a loving and patient husband who listens to all my emotions and with a loving voice of reason helps me to see that all is well.

That is where we are now... all is well. We've had a lot of company, and I've had a lot of help... which I wouldn't have made it without that help!! But, this was our first week of doing life on our own. Daddy's back at work- my mom is back to work after spring break- so it is just me and my two girls all day long. And you know what? We've made it... and we're doing WELL...

It is amazing to me how immediately your heart fills with this amazing love for a new baby and it does that without diminishing the love you have for your other children. God is so good! In fact, if anything, it make me love Ruthie even more to watch her with her sister. She is so loving and kind and wants to be with Emma so much. In fact, the other night while watching Wonder Pets, Ruthie got off of the chair and sat on the floor right next to the bouncy seat that Emma was in. She wanted to sit with her sissy. ugg! It almost killed me as my heart swelled with pride and love and happiness all at the same time.

Here are some pictures from our first two weeks!!
Ruthie after a bath loving on Emma...

Tony's mom and sister took Ruthie to the mall one morning the first week. Here they are before they left. Emma was a little jaundice the first few days at home. She's all better now!

After being inside for nearly a week - I had to get out of the house. So we went to the mall and to DQ for lunch. We were such a site. Emma was 4 days old (got to start that love of shopping early) and Tony made me go in a wheel chair (I was still in some pain)... so here we were the big double stroller and me in a wheel chair. My sweet sister in law met us for lunch and then came to the mall to help push our family!! Here are the girls in their first official ride in our new stroller!!

Emma looking pretty during some wakey-wakey time!!

Ruthie holding Emma w/ some help from Daddy!

Blue is a good color on her!

After Emma's first bath (which we have video'ed but do not have any still pics) we encouraged Ruthie to give her baby a bath. So here she is with her own wash cloth, a pretend bowl of water and she is giving baby a bath. This is too precious for words!

Grandma doing double duty!! and loving it!

Emma loves her thumb!! I don't think we'll need any binkies for Emma!

Sweet Lovin'

Can you believe the size difference? I thought my Ruthie was so petite until I brought Emma home. I know Ruthie is small still- but I can't believe how big she's gotten. It seems like yesterday she was wearing this size diapers!!

Some things I don't want to forget:
* Emma is sleeping well. She usually has one 5 hour stretch at night!!! PTL!

* Eating well too! She weighed 7lbs and 1 oz at birth, dropped to 6lbs 11 oz at her 3 day check up and was 8lbs even at her 2 week check up!! What an eater!!

* She stretches so cutely and makes these cute little grunting noises. They almost sound like an elephant.. but coming from the sweet little girl it is so cute.

* She can poop like a mad dog (that is a lot) but often waits until the new clean diaper is on until she finishes her job. We've gone through as many as 4 diapers at one changing because she begins to christen the new one before it is even on!! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of Christ as a family of four!! It started off a week early with our church's annual Easter picnic and egg hunt... Tony took Ruthie to the picnic and Emma and I stayed home (because she was only one week old at the time!)

They left right after the food- because Ruthie was so tired. She had so much fun playing outside "side" with the other kids and finding eggs that she was asleep before they were out of the driveway.

Then we had fun dying Easter eggs for the first time...

Easter Sunday was a busy day- but a good day. It started off seeing what the Easter Bunny brought Ruthie... a nice basket full of goodies and eggs that were "hidden". It was so much fun to watch her find the eggs. Each time she saw one she'd say, "oh wow an egg" and then she'd pick it up and shake it. The smile that beamed was just beautiful! The Easter Bunny is a smart bunny because he/she (?) put M & M's in Ruthie's eggs... and M&M's are her favorite candy!

The Bunny stash!

Ruthie's Basket

After quickly getting ready, we joined my mom, brother and his wife, and grandma at my mom's church! They were celebrating Easter as their first Sunday in their new building! It was wonderful to be a part of that special day.

Aunt Holly and Alan

Our family of four

The bigger Family!!

After church we went back to my mom's for a yummy lunch and then over to Tony's mom for another egg hunt and a yummy dinner. We were so excited that his youngest brother and his family are back in town. They're moving to Orlando from Washington state.

What a wonderful day of celebration. Celebrating the glorious resurrection of our Lord, the promise of the cross, and the hope of resurrection Sunday. Celebrating new life. Celebrating family. All the blessings the Lord has graciously given our little family. Sometimes it is just too much to take in. Words don't do justice! Happy Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hospitals, Family, Friends, & Sisters

We had a good stay at the hospital... I was blessed with great nurses who took good care of me. We were only there for 2 full days- got to come home on Sunday morning. But, while we were there we had lots of visitors and the sisters met. It was so sweet- not a dry eye in the room.

We didn't want Ruthie to come to the hospital until I was feeling well enough to be "mommy" and not be sick or in pain. I didn't want Ruthie to be scared. So we had my mom wait until after Ruthie's nap to bring her to meet Emma. Meanwhile, our pastor and his wife (who are also good friends) came to visit us and Aunt Holly - who was working- came down w/ another friend Jen to visit. So the room was full when Ruthie came in. At first she was a little taken back by all the people- even though she knew them all well. She was quiet and climbed into the bed with me. Then- when Tony brought Emma over we asked Ruthie "who is this" and she said "baby" and we said- "Yes, that is your baby sister Emma." She got a big smile on her face and kissed Emma over and over. It was so sweet. After some family pics Ruthie opened her gift from Emma and then EVERYONE had brought gifts for Ruthie- so it was almost like Christmas. Ruthie opened gifts for a long time!!

I will always remember that sweet moment when my two girls first met. We've been praying since we found out we were expecting that the Lord would develop a true love and friendship between the siblings and that moment the Lord was showing us that He indeed heard our prayer and answered with a yes!! I know they will bicker and fight and get on each other's nerves. But for now- Emma is the best thing that ever happened to Ruthie. I am so thankful!

Ruthie and Emma

Our Family of Four!

Ruthie had to name all of Emma's body parts. Here she is pictured looking for her hands!

Grandma w/ Emma

Papa B and Mama D (our pastor and his wife) with Emma

Paw-Paw and Grandma with Ruthie and Emma (and Bitty Baby)

Not the most flattering picture of me, but a cutie of my two girls!!

Another of our family

Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack, Luke and Bailey w/ Emma

Mommy and Emma getting ready to go home

Daddy, Mommy and Emma (self portrait) before we left the hospital

Emma DID NOT like her car seat!

One of our sweet nurses. I actually remembered her from when I was in the hospital having Ruthie!

Emma Kate

Emma Kate is here!! She has graced our family and we all are in love!! :) Here's a photo gallery of our day- ONE week ago!!

The night before we went to the hospital my mom came to stay with us so she could watch Ruthie. We went to Outback to celebrate the new member of our family- which is becoming tradition since that's where we went before Ruthie was born!

We came home and still had to pack- all our laundry was done thanks to my great mother in law who did it ALL for me the day before!! And then we went to bed... not before having a snack at 11:56 (couldn't eat after midnight!) We woke up at 4:00 so we could get ready and pack the car as we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am!!

This is me 39 weeks pregnant and the last preggo pic w/ Emma...

Tony and I before we left!

Once we got to the hospital they give you a cell phone- weird huh- and when it rings you go back to pre-op. I got my IV and answered all sorts of questions and waited a little. Once that was done they let Tony come back with me until the doctor was ready.

Once we left Pre-op, Tony went to the "dressing room" and put on the scrubs and I went to the operating room. The worst part of the whole experience was the darn spinal block. It hurts - really bad- and I'm not that much of a wimp with pain. I would do almost anything to avoid another one... although the end result is totally worth it! Once I was getting numb Tony was allowed back in the room and they started to scrub and prepare my belly...That's a lovely feeling everything hanging out for all to see... and there is like a million people in the room. We even had a student watching... It took quite a while for the doctors (Dr. Dill delivered Emma and Dr. Brown assisted) to get through the old scar tissue and get to Emma. Before they were even getting to Emma I started to feel tingly again. This meant that I was coming out of the spinal block. That was a little scary. Tony told the nurse and she gave me more meds. But, I was able to wiggle my toes during surgery... I kept thinking, HELLO!! THIS IS NOT GOOD!! But, the Lord was there and they worked fast and I felt NO PAIN!! Praise God! Soon we heard a little cry and then it got louder. That is such a big moment in life- from no children to being parents in one split second. From one child to two- in one split second. Soon we saw this:

Dr. Dill holding Emma Kate for us to see. Isn't she beautiful! It is immediate LOVE washing over my heart.

Here's a closer look w/ the baby nurse...

Emma getting weighed... she weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. She was born at 8:09 am on March 27, 2009.

Finally Mommy gets to hold and love her!!

After a while they took Tony and Emma to the recovery room- finished cleaning me up and stuff (whatever it is that they do...) and soon I was headed to Recovery myself. Meanwhile- Tony was holding a SCREAMING baby- I guess she wanted to eat.. and calling our parents, siblings, and pastor to tell them that we were doing well. Everyone said- Is that Emma? All Tony could do was chuckle and say- yep- she's here!!

Once I got to recovery the nurses asked if I could wiggle my toes... and I said yep- and proceded to BEND MY KNEES AND LIFT MY LEGS!! I think they were a little surprised by that!! I also remember telling Tony that I felt more pain at that moment than I did through out the entire labor and delivery of Ruthie. The nurse who was standing at my head kept telling the one at my feet... "We need to get her some more pain meds". I remember feeling like I was totally beat up- every muscle in my abdomen hurt- badly. But soon I was a happy camper with my meds and I started to nurse Emma. That is such a magical time too. She was quite- the first time since she was born!! I was only in recovery for about 30 minutes they wheeled me up to the room and I got to hold Emma the whole time. Once we got to the room the nurse took Emma to give her a bath...

When all that was done we finally got to rest... this is Emma so sweetly resting after a very traumatic morning (at least for her).