Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We had so much fun on Father's Day...

First- when we woke up Ruthie brought Tony his surprise (or "pa-prise" according to Ruthie) which was a picture thing that I made... will post a pic later...

Then we headed to church and managed to get there relatively on time!!! An accomplishment for our group!

Then we met Mardi, Jack and family at the airport- we did the ultimate staycation- we ate at the airport and watched the planes. One of Ruthie's favorite things!!

After the airport we headed over to the mall and the boys plus Bailey did some indoor surfing!! :) They had a blast!!

Here are some pics from our day!
Emma awake with her fingers in her mouth...

Tony and his girls... walking around the airport!!

Emma asleep with her fingers in her mouth...

Looking at the model of the planes...

more models!

Daddy and Ruthie on the top of the parking garage watching the planes land and take off!! (Emma was asleep so we didn't want to wake her to take this pic!!)

Daddy surfing

Bailey Surfing

Luke surfing

Waiting in line for their turn!!

Jack surfing

Emma Kate is 3 months old!!

Emma is- can you believe it?- 3 months old. She is so full of life and personality!!! She just loves people- especially her sister- and smiles SO big when any one pays attention to her!!!

* she is loving her fingers. It is great because she will suck them instead of the binkie!! We still use a binkie to settle her down- and she takes it- but once she's settled she flings the binkie out of her mouth and puts her fingers in instead!! It is SOOOO cute!

* She's smiling socially all the time and even beginning to laugh!! It is the sweetest thing. I just LOVE hearing my baby girl laugh!!

* She's lifting her head so well... she does super baby when she's on her tummy. However, she doesn't really like her tummy- so she doesn't stay that way for long!!

* She's also developed a love for her blankets. She has two lovies- one that her Aunt Holly made for her and one that sweet Alana sent as a gift. She loves them both and we don't leave the house with out one of them!! She loves to hold onto fabric. In fact, if I haven't given her one of the lovies- then she holds onto her clothes instead! Gotta love the resourcefulness!!

* sleeping 11-12 hours at night!!

* Relfux doing well... as long as we keep up with the medicine. If we miss a dose, she will have a bad time (usually takes a day or two before the pain comes) and we have to give her something else... but for the most part she is doing great!! Don't know how much she weighs... but she is my chubby girl- as you can see in the pics- she has sweet baby roll thighs and cute cheeks to kiss!!

We are so in awe that God would bless us again with a wonderfully sweet and loving baby. It tickles me to no end that my girls love each other and get along so well (I know there will be fights when they're older...). It's amazing to watch this sweet little girl develop and grow. Emma- we love you bunches!!!

How cute is that? I love this pic!! You can see she's taken out her binkie and replaced it with her two fingers!! (the lovie from Aunt Holly is not too far away!!) :)

Sleeping at the splash park...

Holding on to her lovie (from Alana!!) and her binkie!! (What great fine motor skills... or luck?)

Tummy time- lifting her head...

styling at Uncle Matt & Aunt Rachel's pool!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ruthie is 23 months old!!

It looks like all I can keep up with these days is the monthly posts about the girls... So much goes on in one day that I have a hard time posting anything else!!

BUT, Ruthie is in her last month as a one year old... next month she'll be TWO!!! Can you believe it? I can't. She is getting to be such a big girl. She is so a toddler, not a baby, anymore!! :)

* She went pee-pee in the potty!!! She always sits on the potty before her bath each night... it's something she likes to do. One night I said, can you let me hear you go pee-pee? And to my big surprise- a few seconds later I heard her little tinkle... We will be starting true potty training sometime in the next week.. I had to have time to get all my "supplies" together!!

* She's stepping up small steps without holding on. A big accomplishment!!!

* Conversations-
Ruthie: "Hi Mama"
Me: "Hi Lovey (one of her many nicknames) how are you?"
Ruthie: "good"

* When someone sneezes she says, "Bless you"

* Calls her favorite show "Wonder Pets" now- not "far side"

* Loves to play and hide under her bed!! She likes to be "under" things- blankets, tables, beds to play!!

* Wants to sleep with the door open a little bit now- not shut all the way as she has the last 2 years!!

* Won't go into her room in the dark. This is a new thing too

* Likes to play with the potatoes from the kitchen. She calls them, "tatoes" :)

Here are some pics to enjoy!!
Aunt Rachel and Ruthie at Aunt Rachel and Uncle Matt's pool in Orlando!

Uncle Matt and Ruthie

Ruthie loving the splash zone at the pool!

Ruthie's bed head!!

Ruthie reading to Emma!

Monkey see, Monkey do... Ruthie's baby in Emma's bouncy seat!!

Ruthie playing under her bed!!

Ruthie at the splash park

Ruthie and cousins at the splash park!!

Ruthie loves to watch TV. She is limited on the amount she can watch... but when I turned on the music (which I do regularaly) she thought it was the TV... funny!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Video that I promised

I promised you a video in that last post... but forgot to add it. So here it is...

This was us late one night after Ruthie had gone to bed...