Friday, September 28, 2007

Isn't She a CUTIE!

Here's a sampling of my little sweet pea this week!

Her froggy blanket!!

Looking at the lights above our (unmade) bed!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Giving Back to the Lord!

Yesterday was a very sweet day for us as we dedicated our sweet Ruthie back to our Lord. We were blessed by many family attending church with us! Grandma Fogle and Grandma and Paw-Paw Zeller; Aunt Mardi, Uncle Jack, Luke, and Bailey; Aunt Angie, Uncle Adam, Michel, and Tiffany were all there. Plus, our sweet friend Sandy! Not to mention our church family who were there to celebrate with us! We also had family who wished they could be there but were out of town!

Our family came to the front of the church where Pastor Billy said a little about Ruthie (like he hasn't heard her cry about asking for trouble!) and our Family. He talked about Tony and how he is the head of our house and the Spiritual leader of our family (his girls!). Then the elders came up and Billy anointed her head with oil and lifted her up in prayer! Our hearts were so full!

Lord, again, I lift Ruthie up to you. She is your gift and blessing to us. We are so honored and blessed that you would allow us to raise Ruthie and we pray that you would give us the wisdom to raise her in YOU, oh Lord. We ask that you would seal your Word upon her heart. That you would speak to her and the Holy Spirit would call to her so she would answer to great and mighty things for Your glory. Lord, go before her and behind her, and keep your hand upon her. Lord we recognize she is Yours. We thank you for the blessing she is to our life. Amen

After church we had everyone over to our house for lunch. Ham, mac n cheese, green beans and corn casserole (thanks Alana for the recipe!) It was yummy if I do say so!

Here are some pictures of this blessed event:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 Months Old!!!

We are so proud of our little Ruthie! She is such a joy and a miracle. She has totally consumed us, and we love it!
There is no way to remember life before she was a part of our family. Here's what she's been up to this month:

* She is cooing up a storm!

* Sleeps THROUGH The night!!! (At 5 weeks!)

* When she's upset or hungry she balls her little fists tightly and will sometimes grab your arm as if to say, "I love you and I
need you!"

* Holds her head up more and more

* Loves to lay on her hands and/or have them up by her face.

* Still twirling her hair between her fingers

* Her hands are so expressive. The way she holds them, whether open or closed, tells you how she is feeling! She loves to play with her hands and will often hold her hands together to feel them.

* Socially smiling (what a beautiful smile she has!!) and she is so playful and full of life. She enjoys interacting with you! She is such a happy baby!

* She had her first cold :(

* Shed her first real tears

* Went on her first Women's Retreat with the ladies from church

* First time to be babysat- went to Aunt Mardi's while mom went to the dentist!

* Loves to play with fabric! This will come in handy with my manipulation of the taggy blanket! But, she will grab onto whatever fabric that she can get her hands on: her blanket, my shirt/dad's shirt, the sheets, her nightgown sleeves, etc...

* Loves to look at the fan and/or lights on the ceiling. She is mesmerized by them! She also loves her star and her froggy that is above her pack-n-play.

* She is starting to bat at her toys!

* Went in the pool for the first time. She's been in the pool 3 times now and each time she is so relaxed that she falls asleep. It must be something about the water and mommy's heartbeat!! It brings back good memories of the womb!

* She loves her bath. It also relaxes her. She used to cry when I would wash her hair, but now she enjoys the entire experience, except for maybe the cold when she gets out. But Daddy always gets her quickly into her towel and wraps her burrito style to warm her up. IT is the CUTEST thing!

* Still loves to sleep on her tummy, which we aren't allowed to do! So, each evening between her feedings we let her sleep on her tummy next to me on the couch (so that we can keep a close eye on her!) She is such a happy baby.

* She's got such a distintive and wonderful personality! IT'S such a miracle to be a part of it all. We are so amazed by her and how fearfully and wonderfully made she is. It's kind of crazy to think that she's only 2 months old, but already we know when she's happy (which is most of the time), when she's mad (which is when you put her in her crib for a nap or when she's hungry and you try to hold her over with her pacifier (binkie), what she likes and what she doesn't (her swing...go figure!). She's ticklish, very ticklish! She likes to play with Mommy and Daddy, She's silly. She likes to do "Binkle, Binkles" (Where we put our nose to her nose and say "Binkle, Binkle") She likes it when Mommy plays with her Binkie by just barely putting in her mouth and making a silly noise and taking it out again!

* She is 10.35 pounds and 22 1/2 inches long!

Here are some pictures of our Little Roo:

This is Ruthie on the first day of our Women's Retreat! She was such a good girl and slept at just the right times! She hardly made a peep!

Here she is looking up at Froggy while lying in her pack-n-play! She loves it!!

Here she is showing off how she can hold up her head. We're still practicing because sometimes it's a little wobbly, but for the most part she's doing great!!! It's amazing to watch her grow and develop!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall is in the air...

how do I know it? Not from the beautiful colorful leaves (I live in Florida). Not from the cool crisp air. Not from the hay bales, mums and pumpkins decorating yards and creating beautiful curb appeal. But from one little sign that with it brings forth smiles and warm fuzzies inside. What sign is it you ask?

Pumpkin Spice Latte
a delicious blend of pumpkin and traditional fall spice flavors combined with our signature espresso and freshly steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices.

Fall is in the air...and in a CUP!!! Pumpkin Spice Latte...truly Fall in a CUP!!!

Loving Well

This weekend I spent with the women of my church attending a powerful women's retreat! We stayed on the beach... who can argue over that? And we were fed spiritual food by Beth Moore (Loving Well!). The retreat committee worked hard and worked well everything was well planned, full of fun, and very meaningful.

A quick low down on what Loving Well is all about: There are 4 types of people in your life: Joys, Testy, Foe, and Far. The Joys are the ones we love to love, the Testys are the ones that test us and are difficult to love, the foes (or the one foe) is the person we absolutely hate, and the Fars are the ones that we don't know- strangers.

And, the one statement that meant the most to me is this: Because God IS LOVE we cannot truly love without him in our lives. His Spirit fills our life and his fruits abound. Because we cannot love without His Spirit, when we do not love we are showing that we do not have his Spirit. The degree that we do not love is the degree that we are not filled with his Spirit. So, when we're being testy to our loved ones, or when we encounter a testy and do not LOVE her- we need to be painfully aware that we are not filled to the brim with the Spirit of God.

It is our opportunity to drop to our knees and to plead to our Heavenly Father to once again fill us up to the tip top with his Spirit so that we can love our family and our testys well with love dipped out from the Loving Well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MOPS Moments!

I am so excited about my day today! ... Sorry, I was interrupted by a poopy diaper!! But, we're all clean now!!

I will continue...

I went to my first MOPS meeting today! It was so much fun! Many of you are well aquatinted with MOPS! But, I was not until my friend Alana told me I HAD to find a group. After that I really started to think about going. I went to MOPS online where I found several groups in my area. I really feel that the Lord led me to this one particular group (Because there were about 5 that I could have chosen from!) See, most of the groups met on Thursday morning, and that is the only morning I couldn't go! (I teach with a home school group one morning a week!) So, this group met on Wednesday!

I knew that Satan was trying to keep me from going when everything was going crazy last night. I knew if I didn't get a certain amount of work done last night I would never make it this morning. I was bound and determined that Satan wasn't going to get me!! So I pushed through, got Terminex in and out, got the dog to the groomer and made it to the church where MOPS met 10 minutes before it began!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, everyone was goo-goo over Ruthie, and I made a table full of new friends! I can't wait until next month's meeting!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Her First SWIM!

On Labor Day we had a lot of fun! We went to my mom's house for a cook-out. Had a great steak lunch/dinner and enjoyed some time in her pool... a first for Ruthie. She didn't have much fun in the beginning and cried (I guess it reminded her of her bath...although she is enjoying that much more now!) But after a couple of minutes it grew on her and she was totally relaxed...she even fell asleep in the pool! I've included some pictures from our fun!

Fun was had by all!! :)

Where Have We BEEN?

Well, we've been busy...and I've not had a whole lot to blog about until this week!! Once I finally had something to blog about, other than poopy diapers, spit up, and sweet baby babble I didn't have the time, I mean one second to blog...

Last week Ruthie came down with her first cold. It was so sad, scary, and sweet at the same time. I was worried about her because you can't ask her what's wrong and get an answer. It really amazes me how parents can know their children so well and how babies communicate even without language. It was sad because I knew she didn't feel well. And, it was cute because she kind of lost her voice. Her cry and her sounds were definitely from a horse voice. They sounded so cute and pathetic. What a love!! After our first (of many) sick visits to the doctor and the reassurance that she's going to be just fine, she is feeling much better. Although, she does still have the remnants of her scratchy, raspy voice!

Here's some pictures to help heal the wounds from my lack of blogging!!

A bath picture! The washcloth just happened to be covering her "girl-ness". I always keep a washcloth on her tummy to help keep her warm in the water!

This is a picture with her "Taggy" blanket. A sweet friend had it made for her and had her name embroidered on it! It is so cute! And, I am bound and determined that she will become hopelessly attached to this blanket. It is small in size and it's so cute (as I've already said!). So we take Taggy everywhere with us!! (Even though she is only 7 weeks old!) My husband calls it "MR.Taggy" which I question because it is PINK!!! But, obviously my manipulation is working and this picture is the proof!! See the tag in her hand...she's already attached! :)