Thursday, January 24, 2008

WANTED: Birthday Ideas!

Janelle at snot and kisses asked me if I'd thought of any ideas for Ruthie's first birthday... and I honestly hadn't really thought of anything yet.

I mean I have a ton of pieces of ideas wiggling around my head, but no full on WONDERFUL ideas for such a special celebration.

So I thought my bloggy friends could help...

Please send my your ideas....send me your friends ideas... talk amongst yourselves and send my those ideas... you get my point!! Can't wait to read about them all....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Just wanted to shout out to all of you who are reading... I'M IN PAIN!!! I went to the YMCA yesterday to start my work to get back in shape after the baby... a little late, I know. (Do I hear a "Better late than never"?) I enjoy the classes. I guess I have to have a live person telling me how to move my body in unbelievable ways that bring tears to my eyes, sweat to my forehead, and some huffing and puffing in order to be motivated enough to MOVE!!!

Does anyone relate or am I all alone here?

I know some people are annoyed by the totally teeny tiny person at the front yelling to "make it burn" and "just 800 more to go", but I happen to like being yelled at. At least I've chosen this person to yell at me? It could be worse...

But seriously, the Lady at the Y was very motivational without inflicting unnecessary embarrassment or heartache!!!

It's great...just one more thing...

Will someone come help me off the couch today... MY LEGS, ABS, ARMS, BACK, BUM, (and other muscles I didn't know existed) are in major PAIN!!!

Help- I worked out yesterday and I can't get up today!!! :)

Look Who's Talking NOW

Talking may be pushing it a bit... but certainly babbling!!! Listen in...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Party for Toby!

My bestest girl-friend in the whole world had a wonderful birthday party for her special boy!! He is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Not only did we get to sing happy birthday and eat cake, we also got to have a wonderful day at Ft. De Soto Park. It's a beautiful park on the tip of the coast that used to be a Military Fort for the Spanish American War. We had a wonderful cook-out, Toby and his doggy friends played on the dog-friendly beach, and we walk a little ways to see the fort! What an amazing view it would have been if it hadn't been so foggy! The day was actually pretty cool to cold for us Floridians... and was really windy at the park because it was right on the ocean. So we bundled up our little cutie really well and had a wonderful day! Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Ruthie in her motor coach under the pavilion

Grandma and Ruthie

Aunt Holly and the Birthday Boy!

Sleeping quite well in her little cocoon!

The Fam on top of the Fort... See the beautiful Florida Coastline (it's under the fog!)

Toby's Birthday Cake- It was yummy!

Toby wore a bandana that said, "Birthday Boy" (In case you can't read it)

The Hubs and Sweet-pea standing in front of a Spanish American War Gun!

Friday, January 18, 2008

6th Months OLD!!!

We totally can't believe how fast time flies!! I can't believe that our sweetpea is already six months old. Just incase someone is wondering...we did have a tiny party for her- Well, I made a cake for her 1/2 birthday, but she was asleep before we got a chance to enjoy it!! :) Here are things that she accomplished during her 5th month:

* Started saying "da da" and now is talking in syllables all the time. She has added the sounds "t" and "s" to her repertoire! Has even reached for Tony and said "DaDa" at the same time!

* She turned around in her stroller (went from the carrier to the regular stroller)

* She sits in highchairs and in shopping carts!

*She's still sleeping well...about 12 hours per night and now taking 2 GOOD naps!! What an accomplishment!

* Weighs 14 pounds and 14 ounces and is 25 inches long.

* Has added Pears and peaches to her fruits and Squash, green beans and carrots to her veggies.

* We're starting to introduce her to the sippy cup, although I don't think she's quite ready for it as she totally freaks out when you try to give it to her. She does love to bang her hands on it and hear the noise it makes against the highchair! I may try a different brand. Any advice from bloggy world?

* She's been doing this since she was born, but I don't know if I've blogged about it and don't want to forget: when she's nursing she rubs her feet up and down my leg. It's so cute and sweet to see/feel her telling me she's a happy baby when she's nursing! Speaking of feet: Her feet are very expressive and ALWAYS moving. IF she's mad they move fast and with force, if she's impatient they move fast, if she's happy they dance, if she's content she moves them slow. She's always playing with them or moving them. TOO CUTE!

* She had her first Christmas and New Years!!

* Gives kisses and hugs. The kisses are mighty "wet" at this point, but they are precious and I wouldn't trade them for anything! She also gives "binkles" (which are eskimo kisses for the rest of the world) It is so cute to see her lean down to you and put her nose on yours and then move her head back and forth with great speed to give "Binkles!" Ruthie is such a loving little girl. She is happy and receives LOTS of love, but she also gives LOTS of love back. What a blessing!

Here are some pictures!

Eating my toes... they taste VERY good!! :)

In my bumbo SAFELY on the floor!

I have so much to say... :)