Monday, November 24, 2008

Ruthie is 16 Months old!!

Wow, does time fly!! She is a BIG 16 months old. I can't believe how much she's changed into a little toddler and not a baby! She is talking up a storm and is cute as a button. At each stage I think, "How can I love her any more" and it seems like the next day, I think, "Man, I love her more and more each day" I'm so blessed to be a mommy and have such a wonderful and loving family. It's my dream come true!

Here are some things she accomplished while she's 15 months old:

* Climbing everywhere... even the back of the sofa into the window sill!
* LOVES playing under the dining room table... her own little fort (this has been her favorite playing area for a while, it just hasn't made it to the blog yet!)
* Wonder Pets on Noggin is her favorite tv show!
*She is now riding her princess bike and bouncing on her zebra
*She holds her purse just like a little lady! It's too cute!
* Many new words:
"puppy"= puppy
"oh-wow"= Oh, WOW! (said whenever she sees something she likes!! (Makes mommy smile)
"Ru-ree" = Ruthie
"I wa wa" = I love you
"Dah" = Down
"Cra-ga" = Cracker
"go" = go
"coo-ee" = Cookie
"baby" = baby
* points to pictures of people (mostly mommy and daddy) and says their name!
* She has her "cheesy" smile that she uses when mommy has the camera!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Ruthie at the park

Cheesy smile on her bouncing zebra!

Out back playing with her water and sand table!! :)

Ruthie helping mommy w/ the laundry!!

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Abigail said...

Happy 16 months, Ru-ree! :)