Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruthie is 17 months old!!

This month has been exciting... full of doctor appointments, new skills, and lots of talking!! :) Our sweet laid back angel is developing quite a stubborn streak. We're working on "being gentle" before the baby comes!

Here's what she's been up to:

* She LOVES buttons (this has been going on for quite a while) anything with buttons is her favorite...tv remotes, dvr, phone, etc..
* She will repeat everything we say. Most of the time it actually sounds like what we said!
* She battled her first ear infection :( She felt HORRIBLE for about 2 weeks
* First trip to Disney World
* She LOVES airplanes. Every time she spots one in the air she points and loudly says, "Mommy, What's that?" to which I respond, "Ruthie, that is an airplane. Can you say 'airplane'?" She then tries to say it and repeatedly blows kisses to the airplane. Then as it flies out of her view she says, "bye, bye" and we repeat with each plane spotted!! It's so cute! And, it warms my plane lovin' husband's heart!!

* She also loves to BURP! She thinks it's the funniest thing when she lets one rip. So, once she's burped on accident, she always tries to burp more on purpose. It's kind of funny, but we don't laugh. We have been really working on saying, "excuse me!"

* Her newest food is small bites of skinless apples. She eats them up. Of course she is still LOVING cheese. I think she's going to become one giant cheese cube!
* When you ask her to give baby a kiss... she leans down to kiss my belly. I just love it.
* Tooth count: 11 (4 front top and bottom and 3 molars... another on the way!)

* She loves to dip foods in ANYTHING. It started when Tony and I were eating chips and dip and has moved on to chicken nuggets and ketchup or Sweet and Sour/Polynesian sauce... etc... It's so cute to watch her take her food and dip it in the sauce and then eat it. She is so serious when she's dipping. It's obviously an important event in her day! :)

* Her new words:
"bye"= bye
"ba" = ball
"buh" = book
"peek boo" = peek-a-boo
"morah"= more (been saying this for a while but says it A LOT now!)
"ba ba" = A Men (weird, I know, but she is consistent with her interpretation?)
"ight" = light
"pees" = Please
"dat" = that- used for everything!
"cuhkee" = cookie

* She's even putting 2 and 3 words together to form sentences...
"tear yo go" = There you go
"ear yo go" = Here you go
(Never knew we said that so much until she picked right up on those phrases... now I hear myself saying it ALL the time!)
"I say dadee" = I say daddy
"I ha bo" = I have bow (meaning she's taken her bow out of her hair and is giving it to me... )
"Whats sis" = What's this?
"guh grul" = good girl

Here's some pictures for you to enjoy from last month:

Helping daddy with the lights on the Christmas tree!

Eating a bagel breakfast (one of her favorites) at the hotel in Disney World

With Aunt Rachel and Uncle Matt ("Ma") on Thanksgiving... not feeling well due to an ear infection... hence the paci in her mouth. We've only had the paci to sleep for quite a while (maybe a 4-6 wks) but she felt SO BAD that I wanted to give her a little comfort. We're glad to report she's back to only using it during sleep!

Working with daddy on the computer - remember her love of buttons? Well, to give her some non-destructive buttons we give her the little calculator while daddy uses his big mac computer to do art work!

Reading with Great Grandma before Thanksgiving!

Can you tell who takes the pictures in our house? That would be me, and that would be why I NOT in any of them!! :)


Abigail said...

Wow. Where has the time gone???

Matthew laughs when he burps, too, and we usually laugh with him! We just can't help it.

Teresa said...

Well, usually we don't laugh.. but it's super hard. Sometimes we just can't help it either!! :) Aren't they just too cute? :)

The Cain Family said...

I can't believe she's already forming sentences! That's amazing! Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy being the S.C. tonight! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet and precious!
Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! I stumbled across your blog while browsing through the "Christian Women Online" blogroll, and I hope you don't mind the surprise visit! You have a lovely page and your daughter is super adorable. She reminds me of my son, good luck LOL! I wish you a very Merry Christmas! <3 Martha