Friday, August 14, 2009

Emma Kate is 4 months old!!

oh, my sweet Emma... you are 4 months old and you've been for at least 2 weeks. How is it that time flies so fast? Emma turned 4 months old on the day we left for the beach... So we were with out our computer for a week and then, well, life just starts running!!

But, I want to update you on what she's accomplished during her 3rd month...

* She rolled over!! From tummy to back!! I can't get it on picture because she always does it when we're not looking... the little stinker!!

* She is talking up a storm!! She uses different vocal sounds, levels, and totally holds a baby cooing conversation.

* She is 12.2lbs and 23 3/4 inches long!!

* She is supper strong at holding up her head... crazy!

* Loves her fingers. No more binkie for Emma!!

* Loves her lovie. She has to have the blanket!!

* Loves to be with people. She doesn't have to be held but doesn't want to be left alone in a room!

* She is such a sweet natured, good baby who makes it a joy to be her mom! It's crazy how much I love this little girl!! :)

Here are some pics:


Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Yea! Four months! Way to go, Emma! You look adorable and sweet and I just want to kiss those cheeks. :)

Kim said...

She is adorable! I cant wait to get to know her cute personality!

Alana said...

Cannot believe she is four months already! Love that last pic with the polka dot suit...adorable!