Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Party for Toby!

My bestest girl-friend in the whole world had a wonderful birthday party for her special boy!! He is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Not only did we get to sing happy birthday and eat cake, we also got to have a wonderful day at Ft. De Soto Park. It's a beautiful park on the tip of the coast that used to be a Military Fort for the Spanish American War. We had a wonderful cook-out, Toby and his doggy friends played on the dog-friendly beach, and we walk a little ways to see the fort! What an amazing view it would have been if it hadn't been so foggy! The day was actually pretty cool to cold for us Floridians... and was really windy at the park because it was right on the ocean. So we bundled up our little cutie really well and had a wonderful day! Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Ruthie in her motor coach under the pavilion

Grandma and Ruthie

Aunt Holly and the Birthday Boy!

Sleeping quite well in her little cocoon!

The Fam on top of the Fort... See the beautiful Florida Coastline (it's under the fog!)

Toby's Birthday Cake- It was yummy!

Toby wore a bandana that said, "Birthday Boy" (In case you can't read it)

The Hubs and Sweet-pea standing in front of a Spanish American War Gun!


Alana said...

What a fun day! And sweet Holly...give her my love!

Janelle said...

Any thoughts on Ruthie's 1 year birthday? I know it will be special.

Great pictures!