Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1,2,3,4,5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10 Months Old!!!!

Ruthie's reached the double digets... in months that is!! She is ten months old!! We've been busy this month! Here's what she's accomplished while she's nine months old:

* First trip to ER- mommy and daddy were scared half to death one night when she woke up with a very weird cough... turns out it was the croup... I thought she couldn't breath... we went to the ER at 3:30am!!

* Magically LOVES bananas! This has been the ONLY thing that she hasn't liked since we began solids. Up until now she SPIT them out of her mouth. Even when given with other things. But, just in the last couple of days she has been eating up the banana straight. I just chop it up into very small pieces and she picks them up and eats them! I guess she didn't like the slimy texture of the mushed banana.

* Claps her hands!

* She doesn't like meow-y cats. We were at a friends house who has a 2 month old meow-y kitten... every time the cat came near her she would start to cry... as though she were really afraid of it. The crazy thing is- is that my sister and brother in law have a cat and she's never even batted an eyelash at the cat- and of course she loves our dog. The only thing we can think of is the meow factor. The cat at my sister in laws doesn't meow much.

* When she's excited she moves her legs like a little frog- up and down - no matter if you're holding her, picking her up, she's in her exersaucer or if she's playing on the floor. It's SOOOOO cute!! It makes a mommy's heart go pitter-pat when she does it because I've come into the room! Almost as good as the smile I get!

* She's learning to point to my eye when asked, and can say "eyes"

* Says "nnnnnna" for no! Yes, this is a fun one! She also says "Eedow" with much conviction. I hope one day I will know what that means!

* When she's tired she will start to play with her hair, and if she has a pony tail or a bow (or both) in her hair she'll pull it out. Well, she knows she's not supposed to mess with her bows... and she'll just look at me with her hand on her bow to see if I'm looking and she can pull it out. We've recently gone round and round with the bows... which has become a sort of ten month old power struggle. The most maddening thing is that when Tony tells her to leave it alone... she does!

* Says "baba" when she wants her binkie!

* Ruthie LOVES books. She will look at them for 45 minutes taking them out of the toy basket one at a time! She loves to be read stories and she loves to turn the pages! She's our little reader!


with3blessings said...

You celebrated Ruthie's 10th month, we celebrated Katy's 10th year! Boy does time go fast! How cool that you have this blog as one of the ways you are preserving memories.

Alana said...

MUST KISS THAT BABY!!!!!! 10 months old. Can you tell her to just stop growing until I can see her? Please??