Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Croupy, Crappy Mother's Day

But seriously, it was WONDERFUL!!! I am so thankful that I am a mother and that I have the most amazing and beautiful and loving little girl (In my humble opinion!)

BUT, my first was not as planned! Friday night around 3:30am we packed little Ruthie up and headed to the ER because she had this really strange sounding cough that was the mix of a seal barking and her not able to get enough air. YES, IT SCARED ME TO DEATH! Once we got to the ER we were told it was the Croup, she got some medicine, a breathing treatment, and was sleeping soundly I felt better. The Lord blessed us with a Christian doctor and wonderful nurses. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night...

So the rest of the weekend was focused on Ruthie feeling better and taking care of her. Luckily, we had already planned to have the mom's over so Tony could cook for me and our moms! We stayed home from church as to not infect the entire nursery with the Croup! Missing my first mother's day at church was a little sad. But, a sacrifice I'm very happy to make if it makes Ruthie (and the other kids) feel better. Everyone came on Sunday afternoon, we had a wonderful meal of stuffed chicken, potatoes, corn casserole, and dessert. I got a sweet card and a beautiful bracelet with my daughter's name on it!

But, that morning we were hurriedly trying to pick up the house, make last minute recipes, and clean a little before the company came (because in our great plan before the croup we would have had all of that done Saturday morning!) When Tony picked Ruthie up out of the Exersaucer and found his hand full of... poop! We did the poopy kid hand off - I tackled the kid, Tony tackled the Exersaucer. A little while later I heard him call me, to which I replied... "I have the poopy kid, I can't help you" He answered back "No, I was just..." at that moment I found what he was trying to tell me... her little feet had poop ALL over them. In the toe nails, between the toes, and all over the bottom. It seems that she had a diaper explosion, then had fun stepping all in it while bouncing up and down in the Exersaucer!

My reply was, "Start the bath!" which we did. And while I bathed said poopy kid, Tony took the excersaucer out to hose down and disinfect! The miracle was that the seat (cloth seat) was absolutely poopy free! Praise the Lord!

So in the end, the croupy, crappy mother's day was absolutely perfect. I wouldn't have changed one thing. Except maybe get a few more pictures... I don't have one of Ruthie and me or my mom and me on our first mother's day!


Janelle said...

Croup can be a scary thing. Our son gets it every winter. The first time we went to the ER. They told us then that he will always be more suseptible to it once he has had it once. It is true. He does get it often.

We alternate between cold air (thankfully his has always been in winter) and hot steamy bathroom. That seems to "control" it until we can make it to the doc the next day. I hate it for Ruthie. I bet you were scared.

I am glad you could laugh about the joys of motherhood on your special day!

with3blessings said...

You HAVE to get a copy of Billy's sermon...sorry you missed, but so glad Ruthie is ok...
if you get a scratchy throat.. croup in adults can be like losing your voice...
Love to you and the pretty little girl..

Alana said...

Love your title. I'm glad it was good despite the crap and croup. Happy First Mother's Day to you! Looking forward to pictures!!

Blooming Where We're Planted said...

I am so glad to see that you take those unexpected interruptions and intrusions to your plans and routine with a sense of humor and grain of salt. Life with kids is always unpredictable and never when you truly learn the meaning behind the verse, "Our ways are not His ways, our thoughts are not His thoughts, and our plans are not His plans"!! Amen!!

Anonymous said...

Teresa ~
I loved this post. It just made me laugh out loud. I can totally picture Ruthie jumping up and down in the exersaucer in the poo! Too funny.
Croup, on the other hand, is NOT funny. Both of my boys had it as babies. I have memories of sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running and then going outside into the cold night air.
The coughing is very frightening.
Anyway - Happy 1st Mothers Day to you. :-)

dawn said...

Yikes! We get the croup over at our house too. Crap, too.

Croup is much scarier than the crap part, although it is messier.

We have a nebulizer now, and it has made all the difference.