Monday, June 16, 2008

BIG Weekend. HUGE.

This was probably one of the biggest weekends of my husband's life (aside from getting married and the birth of our baby). All in one weekend, my husband celebrated his 40th birthday, his first Father's day, and he was inducted as a Deacon at our church. WOW! Can anyone say it with me? WOW!

To celebrate his birthday, he thought we were going to Ruth's Chris Steak House. But alas, what he didn't know was that his wonderful (and humble) wife was planning a surprise party for him!! AND, I (with the help of MANY other people...) pulled it off!!! I can't hardly believe he was actually surprised. He has a nose for news... as they say and can usually sniff out a disturbance in the force... if you know what I mean... but he was surprised. My sister and brother in law led with a wonderful performance of a fake argument so that Jack would need Tony's help with carrying things to the car. Then once he was out of the car, we grabbed Ruthie and headed to the surprise location. Jack led him right into a BUNCH of people who were all there to surprise him!! He was speechless. If you know my husband, that is saying A LOT. HUGE.


Me and the Hubs

Birthday Boy and his little girl

Our Fam!

The next morning, at church my husband was one of 5 men who became a Deacon. They were anointed with oil and the elders laid hands on them and prayed for them. To say it was very meaningful is an understatement. I have never been more proud of my husband than I was on Sunday. He has such a heart for the Lord. His desire is to be SOLD OUT for Him. To follow Him. Do the Lord's Will. To become more Christ like and now, to humbly serve the Lord through serving His Church. What a blessed woman I am to have a Godly husband, and leader of my family.

He's the tallest one with the dark shirt!

Then, later that day we went to his father's house to celebrate Father's Day! They watched the race and we played the game Life (a father's day gift). We ate party left overs. And had a wonderful time together!! Tony is such a wonderful father. He loves his daughter more than words can describe. He provides for her every need and want (and mine too!). But, most importantly, he plays with her, reads to her, prays for her, and show's her his love for her through his gift of time. She is very blessed to have a Daddy like him.

Daddy and Ruthie

Pa-paw and Ruthie


Blooming Where We're Planted said...

Your family is such a huge blessing to the Bertic family. Thanks for being an encouragement to us! Happy belated Birthday and Father's Day to Tony. Sorry we missed the surprise party. We were there in the middle of the week when Donna put out the voting box for Deacons. I (John) got the privelege of casting the first vote of affirmation for God's will to ordain Tony as Deacon at TPCC. I said it in my blog and will say it again, Tony was already serving in this role and all we did was publicly acknowledge it and pledge our promise to pray and support him and the other Deacons. Thanks to both of you for your sacrifice and obedience to pick up the cross and follow Him daily.

We love you!

The Bertics

Janelle said...

What a great birthday you planned! It looks like he was honored. what's this about you coming to Btown when I am in the hospital???????? I told Alana that I wanted to see you in person so I could hug your neck and eat your baby! I guess she will have to do it for me :)

Have a wonderful time visiting.

Alana said...

Congrats to Tony, that is one really special day! You are both so blessed to have each other!