Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ruthie is 11 Months Old!!! And We're off!

Ruthie turns 11 months old today, and we're flying to Kansas City for Tony's family reunion!! What an exciting day. This month has just absolutely flown by. I can't believe my little baby is almost one year old!! It's such a weird mixture of sad and excited all at the same time.

She's accomplished a lot during her tenth month...

* She signs for "More" "eat" and "all done" I was SO excited when she first did the sign. I've been working with her for months on that. When I say working, it's not like we had baby sign boot camp or anything, just that Tony and I have been doing the signs to her for about 4 months and she finally returned them!!

* She has been doing this for quite a while I just haven't gotten around to blogging about it. The first bite (of anything) she takes is always a small test bite. Almost like she's wondering if it is going to taste good or what in the world is mommy feeding me this time. Once she's done her little taste bite, she opens wide and takes full bites... unless it is something that she doesn't like, which is currently carrots.

* She eating pretty much whatever we have for dinner. She gets her little small pieces and eats to her tummy's content. It's so cute. I think her two favorite foods right now are broccoli and cantaloupe!!

* She put her peek-a-boo blocks in the top of the Giraffe so they would slide down and make noise! This is also something we've been playing with for a month or so. She usually just grabs the blocks and starts shaking them to hear the noise or eats them. But, this month she actually figured out what the primary purpose was for the silly orange giraffe. It's too cute!

* She pulled up to the coffee table. This is MONUMENTAL!!! For Ruthie. Most babies from early on will put pressure on their legs and "stand up" if you get them into that position and help support them. NOT RUTHIE. She wanted nothing to do with putting her feet on the floor. And, since she's been born, when we've tried to get her to "stand" on our laps or anything else she lifts up both feet as if to say... I'm not doing it! Finally, thanks to some extra time with her exersaucer she has begun to "stand" with assistance. She's still wobbly and isn't sure of it, but she's trying. Thats all this Mommy cares about!

* We put her bed to the lowest position. This was a sad day for me. I know it's inevitable, and that there are so many fun milestones ahead. But, that bed will never be moved for Ruthie. It's the last step until she's moving out on her own. Ok, I'm a little dramatic, but seriously, I felt a twinge of sad.

* She also learned how to sit up on her own from lying down. A couple of time this past week when I went to get her from her nap she was sitting up in her bed. This is totally new. She's not been able to do that before. I was so excited, but I wanted to see how she got up. Sunday, at Tony's parent's house, we witnessed it MANY times!!

* She also is doing her own type of crawling. She's getting really fast and moving much farther distances. Nothing is safe for real now!

* She still LOVES books best. Those are her favorite toys. She love ducky, too! (and her mini wii controller!)

* Absolutely LOVES the water. She loves to play in it, swim in it, drink it....

* Wants whatever we are eating or drinking. (But, doesn't always get it!) It's so cute if she sees you eating or drinking she does the sign for eat until you give her some! She especially wants your drink if it is a water bottle. She loves to drink out of them and to chew on them and play with the water!!


Alana said...

It was so fun to see you guys to day. We had a blast and enjoyed it so much. Loved lovin' on Ruthie. Come back again SOON!!

mattandrachelhires said...

Teresa- Ruthie is a doll! We will be able to see her in two weeks! I'm coming along with my studies. I'm glad I did this (research by myself). I think I'm absorbing more than I would have if I just had the text book in front of me. <3

Janelle said...

Sure wish I could have met you when you were in Btown. Next time...

We are kindred spirits. Every milestone is happy/sad for me too. I know good times are ahead, but it is always a loss to leave behind the past. You have every right to be sad about the bed. She will never be a tiny baby anymore. But what's coming is AWESOME!!!!

Once she is out of the bed, it will be time for another adorable baby!!