Monday, August 25, 2008

Ruthie is 13 months old!!

*** Edited to add something I forgot...***

We are late in blogging as Ruthie has been 13 months old for a week now!! But, better late than never!!!

Here's a list of what she accomplished while she was 12 months old:

*** She says "uh-oh" when anything drops. She loves saying that so much that she often "drops" thins on purpose just to have a reason to say it!! ***

* She now signs the word "please"

* She Loves fruit... but Blueberries and Strawberries are her absolute favorite. She gobbles them up!

* She says "cluck-cluck" for a chicken and "Quack-quack" (which sounds like cluck-cluck) for a duck.

* She used to say neigh-neigh for a horse, but apparently now the horses in her world say "cluck-cluck" :)

* She cut her 3rd tooth (the top left one... and the other top tooth is starting to cut through)

* She is now throwing fits. When she doesn't get her way or when you're not meeting her needs fast enough she lets you know. of course, we're doing our best job of squelching this new move. But, it's really hard to reason w/ a one year old. "I'm coming w/ your lunch" just doesn't go very far for a hungry Ruthie. Any ideas? I thought I had a least another year before this started!!

* She met her cousins once removed from CA and loved playing w/ them... especially Kate who was closest to her age.

* When she eats something that is tasty she says nice and loud, "mmmmm" it's so cute. On the other hand, when she eats something she doesn't like, she spits it out. Not very cute at all!

* she has a baby sign language book and there is a picture of cherrios. Every time she reads that book and gets to that page she always says, "mmmmm" gotta love a girl who knows what she likes!

* She said to me one day at the beginning of the month "no kisses" much to mommy's chagrin. I let her know that mommy ALWAYS get kisses!!

* As the month has gone on, she turned a new leaf and is now VERY kissy. In fact, all you have to do is ask and she'll plant a nice wet one on your mouth. With the added sound affects of "Mu-wa" She even gets into these really affectionate moods where she'll kiss anything that she can get to... your arm, leg, face. It's so cute. She just kisses over and over. She's even been known to kiss her favorite books and the dog!

* She's crawling on her hands and knees now, along w/ her own style of army crawl. That's how she gets around. She does it fast! But, she's not the least bit interested in walking. She does pull up to her knees regularly now.

* She's been doing this for a while, but she holds her books up with her foot behind the book and her two hands holding the sides so she can see it better. It's so cute.

* Said goodbye to Great Grandpa and went to his funeral.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Crawling w/ piggy tails

Our family in Ft. Laud in the pool

reading her book

W/ Uncle Matt!


Tyler, Kara and Carson said...

She's turning into a little girl. She's just the sweetest thing! We've got to get together soon!!!

Alana said...

LOVE the pigtails. Seriously. So cute.

Kim said...

any other news?????

Blooming Where We're Planted said...

I refuse to believe that cute little Rithie Grace throws fits! I won't believe it 'til I see it. She's just too good.