Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grandma's 90th

Well, it's been a while... this month has been a whirlwind.. we've experienced many things... some good, some bad... all will be blogged about in the next few days... so check back often so that you can keep up!! This is a long one... don't say you weren't warned!!

At the end of July all my family (from CA and NC) met in Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday. This is the Grandma that Ruthie is named after!! We were all so excited to be together as it was the first time my extended family was able to meet her!! We all stayed at a beautiful hotel on the beach (can we say NICE!!) for an entire week!!! I'll walk you through w/ pictures!

This is our view!! Our hotel is a beautiful suite! We have a full kitchen (w/ granite counter tops) a king size bed, and a whirlpool tub!! Plus, the living room w/ a flat screen TV!!! Talk about luxury!

Meeting cousins for the first time (from L to R) Chloe, Ruthie, Kate, and Claire

Ruthie and Great Grandpa- Who stayed in the hotel all the time we were there. We would all meet in their room to eat and to hang our at night!

Grandma ready for the Beach (her favorite thing)

The cousins (really all the cousin's kids) ready for the beach (from L to R) Amanda, Chloe, Ruthie, Lauren and Claire (Kate is napping in the hotel & Colin already at the beach)

Daddy and Ruthie playing in the sand

Uncle Matt and Aunt Rachel

Ruthie HATES the sand! But LOVES the water!! She didn't mind the salt water or the waves at all!!

Under the umbrella away from the sun!

Napping on the beach!!

Amanda the sand monster and the culprits all around

All of us in front of the church on Sunday morning - except Grandpa who stayed at the hotel w/ a nurse.

Grandma and Grandpa

All of our immediate family w/ Grandma and Grandpa

Gotta love the Piggy Tails!!

Grandma and Ruthie at Grandma's Big Birthday dinner. We went to the Sea Watch- a lovely seafood restaurant right on the ocean!! It was beautiful and delicious!

Grandma and Her birthday dinner!

Grandma putting Ruthie to sleep

Me, Melissa (my cousin) and Rachel (my sis in law)

Cousin Shelley reading to Ruthie!

We all had a wonderful time together. We were able to spend quality time loving on each other- and loving on Grandma. Although it was Grandma's birthday, Grandpa got a lot of attention as we all knew that he was very sick and we wouldn't have much time with him on earth. He ended up falling the last morning we were there, going to the er, and coming home w/ fused vertebrae. (That is very painful) At home, they had everything he needed including a hospital type of bed and he ended up staying in that bed until his last day on earth. This was the last time our family was w/ him. Such a sweet time that the Lord gave our family.


Janelle said...

I am so sorry about Grandpa. That is so hard. We are on the verge of that with my Gramps, too.

On a lighter note, I love the piggy tails and the nap on the beach!

Alana said...

I'm so thankful you had that time all together before your Grandpa passed away. Love you, friend!

Kim said...

The Lord is so good that you had the time together. You cherished him and made it fun for him. What a way to honor him AND honor Him!