Monday, September 22, 2008

Ruthie is 14 month old!!

Once again, I'm a little late in posting... I went away this weekend to the Woman's Retreat hosted by my church. It was a wonderful weekend... but it was full of tears- because I missed my baby girl! :) Even though it was hard to leave, I'm super glad I went!

Ruthie has been VERY busy this month!! :) Here are some things she's accomplished.

* she's found her belly button.. and mommy's and daddy's!!

* she had her 4th (top left) tooth and her 5th (bottom right) tooth cut through. We're still busy cutting more...

* She's been introduced to some new food. Among her favorites are: hot dogs, cheese toast, and peanut butter toast.

* Her absolutely FAVORITE book is Barnyard Dance. Aunt Holly gave her this book for her birthday. She LOVES it, but she calls it "cluck cluck". She'll say "cluck-cluck" and look all over for it and hand it to you to read. Then she sits on the edge of her seat as you read it. Some days I have to read it 10-15 times IN A ROW!!!

* She still says that Horses say Cluck Cluck (from that book). She'll also argue with you if you correct her... her cluck cluck gets louder and louder!

* Says moooo for cows

* Loves to play peek-a-boo with my curtains!

* Hates carrots. She spits them out of her mouth as soon as they go in.

* Was totally weaned as of Aug. 30th

* feeds herself w/ finger food

*Love to look in the refrigerator. Which is ok until you want to close it. So I say, "back, back back" and she says, "ba-ba-ba" but doesn't usually move!

* Has a list of new words she's saying...
nigh-nigh= night night (says that when she's getting tired)
oh= cherrios
papa= paw-paw (Tony's dad)
hah-ee= Aunt Holly (she's been working on that w/ Ruthie when she babysits for me!!)
ga-ma= Grandma (both my mom and Tony's mom- sometimes, if she's being lazy she just says ma-ma for grandma)
da-to-bo= Beethoven (our dog!)
ta-tu= Thank you (the other night Tony was praying for our food, and he must have said "thank you for this food" or something similar because right in the middle of the pray Ruthie belts out the best "ta-tu" she's said yet. It was so sweet... Her first prayer!)

She's working on Ruthie and other family names. She also said "na-na" for Donna and "da" for Ed- a couple in our couple's Bible study.

* She's pulling up on her own. I walked in her room last wednesday and found her standing in her crib after her nap! She's been pulling up ever since. Maybe one day, she'll even walk!

Here are some pictures of her this month!

She loves balloons

Don't you love the food face?

Diva Ruthie & Daddy (at her friend Abby's birthday party!)

Reading in her bed while mommy and daddy get ready for church...

Standing... after pulling up for the first time! (and chewing on her bed rails... beaver style!)


Abigail said...

Congrats, Ruthie! What a cute girlie!

Alana said...

She is so sweet. I didn't get enough squeezes to last me when I saw her!

Love the "Ta tu" prayer. Melts my heart!

Tyler, Kara and Carson said...

She's so smart!