Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ruthie is 19 months old!!

And there goes another month... they fly by SO fast!!

Here's what she's been up to:

* She WALKING!!!!
* She loves citrus fruit- especially tangerines - which is convenient because we have a plethora of citrus growing in our yard- two tangerine trees, an orange tree, and a grapefruit tree!! Every time we go outside (side) she has to pick a tangerine and eat it on the spot! It is so cute. She just gobbles them up. Sometimes I think she doesn't even chew them. And you can just forget about getting a bite for yourself!! :)

* She's WALKING!!!

* She does this adorable thing when she's cold. She balls her hands into fists and holds them up and shakes them and says "coooolllld" in a really cute voice. It's so sweet!! :) I gotta get that on camera!

* She's WALKING!!!

* She has some new words:
"Daddy" - actually saying both syllables
"All-ni" = all done
"Cucky"= Ducky

We are so proud of her hard work in Physical Therapy. She started walking on Superbowl Sunday and has made excellent progress!!! Her PT is very impressed!! :) We are so happy for her and proud of her.

Here are some pics:
Reading a book in a box... she had so much fun!!

The three of us on Super Bowl sunday before we left for the party... Tony dressed her up like a football player. She left those stickers on ALL night. I had to take them off before she went to bed!

This is her crazy hair after she had her EEG. That gunk they put in there is like GLUE!! Too bad I didn't take my camera w/ me to the dr's because she looked like the cutest little thing with her head wrapped in gauze and wires sticking out. She was so pathetic it was cute.

Eating chocolate pudding and getting it EVERYWHERE!!!

Baking w/ mommy!! She LOVES to help!! :)


Abigail said...

Happy 19 months, Ruthie! How sweet! Loved all the pics. And AWESOME about the walking walking walking walking walking...

The Cain Family said...

hooray she's walking!

Alana said...

19 months, I can hardly believe it...time flies, huh?

Janelle said...

What can make Ruthie even better than she already is???

Chocolate covered Ruthie!

and the walking!! Praise Jesus!