Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ruthie is 20 months old!!

And another month goes by... Ruthie is growing like a weed... She's still small comparatively, but she's getting taller and we marvel everyday at our little girl that developed out of no where... where did our baby go?

This month she:

* moved into her big-girl room (minus a big-girl bed... that will come in a few months) She absolutely loves it and plays so happily there (even though she's more than welcome to bring her toys out to the living room). She runs around on the carpet and throws herself down... it's so cute!! (Pictures to come in it's own post!!)

* Is actually counting to 10... with a little help- but mostly on her own... We'd love to get this on camera- hopefully she'll cooperate!

* Still loves to play "Where is she" by hiding her face using any method possible and peek out behind things! It makes her belly laugh when we do it to her!

* Love to rowd around w/ us... and loves to be tickled.

* Has had a very sick couple of months... about every 3 weeks or so she comes down w/ something else... I'm ready for her to be VERY healthy... especially since the baby is going to be here in 10 days!!

* New words:
"pe pe borrer"= Peanut Butter
"bu burry" = Blue Berry
"burry" = any other kind of berry- especially strawberry
"apple bos" = apple sauce
"all-oh" = Hello
"happy birth-day" = Happy Birthday (she worked all day on this for my mom's birthday and got it great by the time we met her for dinner!! Ruthie says it so cute... kinda slow and deliberate!)

* learned to take off her clothes. Started w/ just her shirt after she woke up from nap and moved to her pants too, and then YEP- her diaper!! The first time the diaper came off we found her in a puddle of pee-pee!! The second time, and thank the Lord I was out of the house when this happened, Tony found her in piles of YOU KNOW WHAT!!! I actually have a picture of that- I made him take one so I could see what she did- BUT I will spare you all from the beauty of my daughter covered in her own stuff!! :)

Here are some blog worthy pictures of my sweet girl:

Eating cake at the baby shower

Wearing the birthday hat from my mom's birthday dinner at Kobe Steak House

Looking cute before the dinner

Putting on finger painting a birthday picture!


Janelle said...

I am so excited for her to become a big sis! Her life is about to get a whole lot more fun and loud!!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Happy 20 months, Ruthie! Time really flies!

Thank you for sparing us the poopy piccies - I can easily imagine... :)

Can't believe Little One is coming in 10 days!!!

Alana said...

OH MY WORD! She is getting so big! Sigh. Just a forewarning...she will still seem little to you the day before you have the baby. And the first time you see her after the baby is born...she will seem SO big. Love you!!!