Friday, July 24, 2009

Build A Bear- Birthday Weekend!

Ruthie's birthday fun continued the next day! After church we went to Cheesecake Factory to eat lunch... I love that place! And then on to Build A Bear to use the gift cards Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack and Aunt Judy gave her. She's been eying this horse there for weeks. Every time we go in she goes RIGHT for the Horsey! She just loves it. And, each time we walk out without the horsey and say, "bye bye horsey" and she does so well with out throwing the littlest of fits.

So- finally for her birthday- we walked in and she got to make her own horsey and take it home. Ya' all she is in love. When we got to the area to pick a name we gave her several choices. Buttercup was top of my list. But, my daughter has a much better sense of naming stuffed animals and so her animal will forever be named, "Horsey Pony". I thought it was very original!! :)

She picked out some clothes complete with panties... we're in the potty training mode... and some accessories for the beach. I mean- what is a horse supposed to do w/ out a towel and sunscreen at the beach? :)

As tired as she was (no nap) she had so much fun and completely soaked in the experience. She loved making her Horsey Pony. And now, we have a third child, named Horsey Pony. She takes her everywhere!! :)

In the mall on our way to Build A Bear

Finally able to pick out the horsey!!

Kissing the heart before she put it in!

Stuffing Horsey Pony

Bathing Horsey Pony

Dressed, named, and paid for... now it is hers... and she's not letting go!!

Completely worn out and ready for BED... Mommy even gave in and gave her the binkie....

Totally happy after a wonderful, full, fun birthday weekend. Ruthie and Mommy with ALL 3 Ming Mings and her Horsey Pony!!


Alana said...

Gotta love Build a Bear! Such a sweet little outing!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful. Such a sweet post about your very sweet girl.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Horsey Pony is adorable - and so is the Birthday Girl!