Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ruthie's happenings...

Ruthie has been talking up a storm... she's always talking (she gets that from her daddy!) But just recently she's really trying to communicate in sentences!! I love to watch her try out language, especially when she learns a new word's meaning.... She repeats it a bunch!!

She's been saying recently:

"oh, I didn't know that" (what gets me is that she uses it appropriately)
"spib" (spit- as we're working on spitting out fluoride toothpaste and not swallowing it!)
"Tony" "Teresa" "Babe" "Honey" (she's been using all our names... it's so funny. She tries them out and then looks at us to see if it's ok!! It's really hard not to laugh because she so stinking cute!)
"dad" "mom" (ditto above)

She's also graduated into a big girl bed. We have just a mattress and box springs on the floor for now. Didn't want her to fall out too far!! She's done great with it.. except for getting out of bed!! It is crazy. Some nights after we finish our night time routine (which has been the same since she was a little baby) she goes right to sleep... as if it were easy peasy. Then other nights, it takes both of us working in tandem two hours to get her to sleep. She just seems to FIGHT it. If we say do it this way, she does it that way. UGGG!! She's doing well sleeping in the bed, and doesn't fall out. But, some nights I'm tempted to install a safety system that includes duck tape... or at the very least velcro!! :)

Her first night in a big girl bed!

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Alana said...

So cute that she calls you "babe"! Hope you she learns to stay in her bed for you soon!