Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Walk On the Wild Side

This last weekend was so beautiful I had to spend it outside!! So, Tony and I were trying to figure out where we could take Ruthie that she would enjoy. We thought of the Zoo, but that was not in our budget this week. We were racking our brains. I mean, we live in Sunny Florida there HAS to be somewhere inexpensive that is OUTSIDE!!! It was then that it hit us, well Tony, like a tun of bricks.
He says to me: I know where we're going...

I say: Oh, where?

He Says: Don't we have Busch Gardens passes?

I say: DUHHHH!!! Of course that is the perfect place!! (And yes, we have 2 year Busch Gardens passes!!- The day will cost $0)

We haven't used them since I was pregnant (Couldn't ride the rides!) So we kinda forgot about it. So, Saturday morning we packed the car (you'd think we were going to be gone for 5 days by the amount of items we brought!) and we were off for our big adventure.

We had so much fun!! See the pictures below!

A Giraffe we saw while going through the animal attractions!

A family picture while riding the train through Africa!! (Doesn't she look thrilled?)

Ruthie and Daddy- she really did love the train ride. She was looking at EVERYTHING and loved the wind in her face!

A close up!

Daddy and Ruthie

Mommy and Ruthie- Don't you love the bajorn? It's a life saver (Thanks Dad!)

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh MY! :) (No bears- we did see zebras, rinos, and gorillas!)


Janelle said...

This looks like a fun day for Mommy and Daddy. Picture perfect!

dawn.harp said... the close up of Ruthie. She's picture perfect!