Friday, October 19, 2007

3 Months Old (Yesterday!)

Ruthie is 3 months old!!! I can't believe how fast time flies!! She is growing so quickly and is such a precious joy from the Lord! Here are a few things she accomplished/ we discovered while she was 2 months old:

* When she's tired the rim of her eyes gets very red

* She loves when you play with her hair, and she is still playing and twirling her own hair. It is the cutest thing to watch. She especially likes to do it while she's nursing. :)

* She went on her first and second field trip! We have tagged along with the homeschool group from our church and we went to Outback and had a tour (which she slept through the entire tour) and we went on atrolley ride Which she loved!

* Could she be teething? She is chewing on her hands NON STOP and drooling everywhere

* She lifts her legs and kicks like she's riding a bicycle. She also raps her feet around your arm and holds on with her monkey toes! See the picture below... TOO CUTE!

* She scoots across floor on back by pushing up with her feet and when she's having tummy time she scoots around the floor on her tummy by pulling up on her knees. She may not lift her head all the time, but she sure does get around!!

* She had her first bottle (of breast milk) I pumped (for 2 days) and only got 3 ounces- and I am a fountain if you know what I mean. But, I had to have a bottle for daddy to give to her while I was doing a Pampered Chef show.

* She started rubbing her eyes when she's tired

* She rolled over!! (But I think the couch helped her a bit) so I counting it, but she isn't doing this consistently. However, she is rolling up onto her side consistently. :)

* She still does NOT like to nap in her crib. Go figure- she can take 2 hour long naps if we're shopping or out somewhere or if she's in her car seat or bouncy seat. But, she'll only nap for about 20-30 minutes in her crib. She is still sleeping through the night at least 6 hours and most of the time gets more. A few times she's slept for 10-11 hours!! :) She had a very happy mommy!!

* She found her hands- if they aren't in her mouth then she's reaching for toys or playing with them. She likes to hold them together as if she's praying!!

* Still LOVES fans and lights. In fact she likes to do back bends over your arm to see things on the ceiling and look at things upside down!

* She had a growth spurt right on the money at the end of 2 months almost to the day of turning 3 months! She wanted to eat every 1 1/2... more than when she was a newborn!

* She has found her tongue. This might be in relation to the "Is she teething" comment. She constantly sticks out her tongue, licks her lips, sucks on her arm, and otherwise plays with her tongue!!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!! :)

I can hold my head up... when I want to!! :)

Her First Bottle!

See her feet!

Here I am holding my hands and playing with my tongue!! :) Both of these are my new favorite things! :)


dawn said...

She's darling! Love that head of hair. She could not be any cuter. Sounds like she is right on target for her age. You are doing a wonderful job with her.

Janelle said...

Oh, Teresa! I could eat her with a spoon, she is so yummy.

How do you get anything done with Miss Cute Thing around?

I loved the baby stage with mine. It seems like I could stare at them forever.

Thanks for taking me back in time!

dawn.harp said...

She is so precious! She looks so much older than she is. I know you are having a grand time with her. Enjoy each day......
love you

Alana said...

I CANNOT believe she is 3 months old! She is so beautiful. Loved the picture of her with Tony. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Wish we were closer so we could do those fun things together!

with3blessings said...

Ruthie Grace is ADORABLE.. I love her monkey legs!

shelley said...

Oh My! She is adorable! That totally takes me back...
and since you asked...
The teething process is a long one, and my babies always started chewing on their hands and drooling around this time. They didn't actually get any teeth until they were 6 or 7 months old.

And the Pumping, Oh how that drove me crazy! I'd be a fountain until I tried to pump, and then the milk would dissapear!!! Try looking at a picture of her while you pump, it helps the milk "flow".

Good luck with your precious baby girl! I love her hair!