Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Celebrations!

Happy Easter!! What a glorious and busy weekend we had celebrating our Risen Lord!!

Saturday we enjoyed an Easter celebration and Baptism at the home of one of our church friends. They invite the entire church, we all pitch in with a part of the meal, the kids enjoy an egg hunt, and we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord with Baptisms (we had 6 this year).

I decided to try these super easy sugar cookies from Linda at 2nd cup of coffee to take to the Easter celebration. They were easy, although my Royal icing didn't turn out... for a number of reasons. First of all, I ran out of eggs. Then my meringue powder didn't really work. But, if you didn't know (which now you do) that the royal icing (that's the decorations) was supposed to be some-what fluffy- I don't think you would know I did it wrong, but as I said, now you do...

ANYWAY!!! try 'em, you'll like 'em!

And, here are my broken pieces. Seeing the significance of being broken-especially during Easter- I decided they too would get the royal treatment. After all, once they're covered they looked and tasted great. (The parrellel to my own broken and sinful life with out the Lord is not wasted on me. Praise the Lord! I am covered in his "icing" -err I mean blood - and I have been made beautiful and tasty... well, you get my drift.)

Ruthie playing with her plastic eggs. I'm so proud of her- 8 months old and already racing the big kids to get to the good eggs. Ok, Tony and I helped her- a little!! :) But she did chew on her plastic eggs all by herself!

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Alana said...

Those cookies look YUMMY! Glad Ruthie got some eggs, too ;-)