Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday- So Ruthie and I surprised her by showing up at her school (she's a reading coach) after a hard morning of FCAT (Uggg) with balloons, flowers, and a birthday cake!!! All my mom saw when she rounded the corner in the front office was RUTHIE!!! That was enough birthday surprise for her I think (all the other stuff was just a little icing on the cake!! Pun intended!)

Then, for dinner we all went to Steak and Ale for some yummy birthday dinner.
Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!! Hope your day was as special as you are!!

Mom and Ruthie in her office at school!

Mom's b-day cake (In case you can't tell what all those m&m's spell out it's :Happy B-day- Sure do wish I could blame the messing cake decorating on my daughter... seeing that she's only 7 months old I don't think anyone will buy it!)

Tony and Ruthie at dinner

Sandy and Aunt Holly

Mom and me


Alana said...

I wish I could have been there. I love your Mom!! Happy Birthday, Billy!

I like the cake, it shows your love for your Mom and it looks a lot like a cake I would make/decorate. I bet it tasted delicious!

Miss you, T!!

Anonymous said...

Teresa ~
I am really enjoying reading your blog!
I added a link on my blog to yours.
:-) God bless!

with3blessings said...

What a blessing for your mom! I know she loved showing off Ruthie!

Linda said...

You are a sweet daughter. I hope mine loves me this much someday!