Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eight Months!!

Once again, I can't believe how fast time is going... she is 8 months old already... time flies!!!

So here are some things she accomplished while she was 7 months old!

* Waves by-by- although she had this down pat she is now revolting and it takes an act of congress (and we know how quickly that comes) to get her to wave. She'll lift her hand as to say, "I know what you want me to do, but I'm NOT doing it!" Which totally warms this mommy heart... not!

* Last month I mentioned that she holds her hand out and gives puppy dog eyes when she wants to go to someone, well she's perfecting that art and now indicates she wants someone by either holding both hands out and kind of jumping up and down OR she lunges in the direction of the person HEAD first! It's crazy. But, it works- we certainly know what she wants.

* When you walk into the room where she is, if you don't give her the greeting and attention that she wants (especially Tony when he comes home from work) she says uh, uh, uh, uh with increasing volume and pace until you do acknowledge her appropriately!!

* She's perfecting the art of saying ba, blowing raspberries, started saying mmmm, and is talking more and more. VERY VOCAL!!! :)

* She was introduced to broccoli, plums, chicken, and oatmeal... and loves it all EXCEPT the chicken... she just plain won't eat it.

* She's started to sit up!!! She can do it and does until she decides she doesn't want to anymore and then she flings herself back. (I'm afraid she's going to crack her scull...)

* When daddy's holding her and she sees me turn she automatically thinks I'm going in for the "peek-a-boo" game. So she starts belly laughing!! It's so cute. AND, it immediately gets me to do the "peek-a-boo/I'm going get you" game to continue the laugh. She also does that same laugh when she's being held and she see Beethoven (our dog) running around the person's legs. That's cute too. At first I was so proud that I was the root of such a wonderful laugh, and now I share that proud honor with our dog!!

* Still no teeth... But lots of drool!

* She is just starting to crawl... well scoot around on the floor. After she perfected the art of travel by rolling, she's now moving on to more efficient ways of travel... the scoot. She lifts her hips to move forward. Here comes baby proofing...

Here are some pictures for your amazement!! :)

Our Sleeping beauty! She did have her right foot perched on the side of her crib. It was so cute, but by the time that I got the camera to take the picture she had moved her foot. But, she's still cute (no, the picture didn't wake her up!!) :)

Chewing on her frozen teething ring. She loves it!

Her precious winter hat (Thanks Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack!) We LOVE this hat it is just too cute!

Look at me! I'm sitting up!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Teresa, she is SO cute! So sweet!
Enjoy this time, cause it flies by. It's hard to believe my boys are almost 7 and almost 6.
When Matthew was a little older than Ruthie (he had teeth early), he loved that frozen ring to chew on. He chewed and chewed and we didn't realize he made a little hole in it! He proceeded to suck all the liquid out.
Well of course I, being a new mom, flipped out and called poison control! :-)
He was fine - Most of those teethers just have a saline like liquid in them.
LOL Scary to say the least though.
God bless ~

Janelle said...

OH MY WORD!! That picture with the hat is precious! I can't get over how adorable she is. You and Tony make cute babes.

I just told Alana how I am loving "getting to know you". She told me all about your friendship and history together. Please come visit her. I would love to hug your neck!! (and borrow your baby!)

Alana said...

I love hearing all about Ruthie. She seems like a lot of fun. I just know if she knew me I would be one of the ones she would want to hold her ;-)

Love the hat...babies in hats are the cutest thing.

Love ya!