Monday, July 21, 2008

Ruthie's First Birthday, Part 3

We didn't open presents while everyone was here for the party because Ruthie started to get tired and needed another nap. So, we held off and opened them later that night with just our families present for the presents...

Here are SOME MORE PICTURES so our loving and gracious and generous friends who brought her wonderful gifts can be a part of the "presents!!"

We tried to get a picture of everything but we inevitably missed a few. We're so sorry if your present isn't on this post. Know that we appreciate all you did and gave to our sweet little girl and that we will be thinking of you every time she uses it or wears it!! You all can be looking in the mail for your thank you... they'll be on their way in a couple of days!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ruthie!
God bless ~
The Kehlenbecks

Alana said...

What a wonderful time of celebration you guys had for a wonderful girl. Sure wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday, Ruthie!!!!

Abigail said...

Looks like the party was a blast and very well organized, I might add! :) Way to go, Mommy! (Hope you don't mind that I stole one of your pics for my blog!)

Kim said...

have fun with those presents!
I am sure your mommy and daddy will have fun too!

Amber N. McClain said...

Ya'll really know how to throw a party. Your website is awesome. I hardly know anything about my blog. I could use some tips. Ruthie is absolutely precious and beautiful just like her mama. I hope that you are happy and doing well. YOu and Tony look happy. Love you,