Monday, October 6, 2008

Palin Power!

Ruthie, Aunt Holly, and I went to a Palin Rally today and had a blast!! :) We were up by 4:45 and out the door at 5:30AM- and if you know me slightly in real life then you know that is a small feat accomplished.

Let me pause here to interject... This post will have political views and opinions expressed...and while I don't want to intentionally offend someone, this is my blog and if you disagree you don't have to keep reading!! :) If you agree or want to know more about the issues I raise then please contact me so we can have a healthy conversation of fact! :)

Ok, now on to the fun stuff... details!! It was early, completely dark, and Ruthie woke up (my plan was to put a sleeping child in her pj's in her car-seat so she could SLEEP all the way across the bay to the city just west of me- that didn't happen!) As I was saying, she woke up and stayed up for a very long time! She was pleasant, even enjoyable, such a good girl! We arrived at the location of the rally, right on the water- beautiful- at about 6:10 (doors opened at 6:00am) But didn't find a LEGAL parking spot until about 7:00!!!

Once we got through security- they even patted down Ruthie's "Baby"- we found our perfect seats. We brought a blanket to this outdoor rally and sat it on the wet - it rained last night- ground!! And waited. We fed Ruthie breakfast, changed her out of her PJ's, and played a while (I was supposed to be grading papers... I'm so behind!)

There were several really important people who were there to help us all get excited! They passed out red and blue pom-poms and McCain*Palin signs and really pumped up the crowd. Once Sarah Palin was introduced by Sen. Joe Liberman (!?) she talked for about 30-40 minutes. She was personable, down to earth, well spoken, and RIGHT ON all the issues!! :)

She even read the sign that Tony made last night and liked it! She nodded and smiled. The sign said:

The other sign Tony made... "Wailin' for Palin"

Mommy and Ruthie

Aunt Holly and Ruthie playing peek-a-boo w/ the signs

The stands behind the stage... the people were dressed in Red, White, and Blue and arranged like the flag!

This is Gus Billarakus... a conservative in Washington!

Gov. Charlie Crist

Mel Martinez

Sen. Joe Lieberman

Gov. Palin

Ruthie finally went to sleep about 15 minutes before Gov. Palin spoke!

Gov. Palin talked about energy independence, lower taxes, support of the Military. She even talked about keeping the SNL comedians busy and giving them job security! Most importantly, she talked about the type of people her opponent thinks is "good people" one of which is a convicted domestic terrorist, who blew up many buildings and threatened to blow up the pentagon- a man who Obama says- "just lives in the same neighborhood"- but in truth is the same man who hosted Obama first campaign meeting... in HIS LIVING ROOM. Is that National Security? Today is the last day to sign up to vote in the Nov. elections- which I plead with you to do... that is our right/privilege that many have fought to give us. I also plead with you to look beyond what smooth words are said to the real facts that tell about a person and his beliefs. That tells alot about character.

I like Sarah Palin. She's beautiful. She's a mom, wife, and the only person w/ real executive experience!!!


Pat said...

Thank you so much for your precious sharing on Traveling the Road Home!
Bless you sister and let me know if I can be any help with your friend!!

Alana said...

Very cool, T! A historical moment. Love that picture of you with look beautiful!!

Janelle said...

Wailin for Palin...classic! How cool that you got to be there. Love her!

Tyler, Kara and Carson said...

NO WAY! I'm so jealous you were that close to Gov. Palin!!!