Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruthie is 15 Months old!!

Ruthie is 15 months old and she is growing like a weed!! I don't have updated stats for you because our 15 month checkup isn't until Thursday! But she's growing out of all her clothes!! :)

She's accomplished a lot this past month...

* She's saying "mommy" all the time and to get my attention!! :) Warms my little mommy heart!

* She holds our hands during prayers. So sweet.

* BEAR CRAWLS!! Up on her feet and hands. Like a triangle... and then walks around like that. I've been trying to get a picture of this ALL month... and I only have one not very good pic. Every time I'd get the camera out she'd stop... like she knew what I wanted and was being difficult!

* She CLIMBED into the DISHWASHER!! Imagine my surprise as I turned around from putting the silver-ware away... and saw Ruthie sitting square on top of the door of the dishwasher. If I'd had my faculties about me I'd have grabbed the camera... but all I could think of was her breaking the door off!

* Climbed the stairs at Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack's house. Got three stairs up and then fell... to a thud. Mommy's and Daddy's heart almost beat out of our chest as we raced to see if she was ok and what happened. We get parent of the year award!!! But, she was fine. Praise the Lord!!

* She will say "no" and shake her head as she heads for a "no no" (like the dvr or mommy's pretties) but she usually goes ahead and touches them anyway!

* Says "yes" and shakes her head up and down!

* Has more words"
"owee"= Water (and is said when she gets a boo-boo)
"Ma"= milk
"jees" = juice
"shees" = shoes
"ongry" = hungry

* Tooth count: 4 on the bottom and 3 on top. Currently trying to cut 2 molars (on bottom) and one tooth on top!

* She is CRUISING around our furniture. It's slow but sure.

Here are some pictures to enlighten your day!

She loves her magnets... but she HATES them to be on the refrigerator! Her mission in life is to rid all refrigerators of magnets. She firmly believes they belong strewn across your kitchen floor! :)

Showing off for the camera!

Cruising around the coffee table!

Our only pic of her bear crawling!

"What Mommy, I'm reading!"

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Alana said...

Can't believe it! Sounds like she is getting to be quite the adventurer ;-)