Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Strong Willed

That's my new tag for my little Ruthie. She takes very well after her mother!!! (When I was younger I noticed my mom's book A Strong Willed Child by James Dobson and figured it was for my brother, because he was certainly strong willed- Only to find out that she was reading it for me!!!)

Anyway, last night was rough. She didn't sleep from 4:45 in the afternoon until 12 midnight. I mean, she'd fall asleep in my arms or in daddy's arms but wouldn't stay asleep when we put her down in her crib. And, just forget letting her cry...she'd have cried all night.

So this morning as I noticed she was getting sleepy and ready for her mid morning nap, I put her in her crib before she was asleep and boy did she let me have it. Having more sleep myself at this time of the day I was able to handle a good old fashioned power struggle. Which ensued in our house until about 12:15 (we started this about 10:15) She was crying, I was desperately praying for her to calm down and go to sleep. Of course, I checked on her about every 10 minutes just to make sure she was ok, reinsert the paccy, and calm her down just a little before leaving the room again. One time I went in when she was totally quiet and as soon as she saw me she started screaming!! That's when I decided she knew what she was doing.

It's about 12:23 and she's been quiet for about 10 minutes. I'm not going in there...or I may start the whole thing over again!


Alana said...

Boy does that bring back some memories! Feeling for you, friend!

Love your new profile description!

Showers are underrated if you are not a Mom!

Kimberly said...

Hey Teresa,
Hang in there! I promise it gets easier...a hint...when rocking her to sleep put a tshirt that you've just worn between you and her, when you lay her down, transfer the tshirt with her (it will smell like you and will be warm instead of cold sheets)..may work may not...but thought I'd offer it.
Been There Done That and live through it!
God Bless You,

Janelle said...

Truly feel your pain! Hope you win the power struggle :)