Thursday, August 2, 2007

2 Weeks!!!

Ruthie was two weeks old yesterday and we have had such a rollar coaster ride these last two weeks. Every emotion possible has been felt in our home! We're working on developing a schedule (that seems impossible!). This will sound silly to many moms, but I never imagined it would be so hard to have a newborn in the house. I knew we'd be low on sleep. I knew she would cry and want to eat a lot. I knew that it would be a life changing experience. But, I never though I'd have so many questions and second thoughts. After all, I've had a lot of experience with babies. I know how to hold, comfort, feed, and change babies. The questions rage...Pacifier or thumb? (Don't tell my Pedi we've been giving her a paccy) Let her cry or pick her up? What if something's wrong? Am I spoiling her? Are we creating a bad habit? Will we regret this later? Will we regret NOT doing this later? And, the most frustrating thing about it is that there are no RIGHT answers. Everyone you ask has a different opinion, even the Pediatricians!

But, there have been many, many blessed moments with our daughter. She is so precious, perfect, and wonderful. She weighed 8 pounds and 2 1/2 ounces at her two week check up! She is growing and eating!! Here is a list of what we've learned about our daughter in these two weeks!

*She likes her tummy. She likes to pull her legs up and tuck her hands underneath her and to be held up on your shoulder or your chest.
* We call her many nicknames: Little One, Sweat Pea, Little Roo, Ruthie Roo, Froggy legs, Lovebug, Lovie, and mad bull (When she's crying so hard her face gets red!)
*She likes to play a little game we call- dirty the clean diaper we just put on! To no avail, at least once a day (and sometimes two times right in a row) she will poo in her just changed diaper! We can't even get her picked up from the changing table before she blesses us with another deposit!
*While we're on the diapering subject, she likes to pee while her diapers are off!! We change her clothes at least once a day because she has christened herself!
*She loves her car seat- when she's moving, but she HATES being put into the seat. She cries (screams really) every time we put her in!
*She has a temper! She will certainly let you know when she's not happy! I forsee some hum-dinger of tantrums coming when she gets to the age of 2!!
*She loves music. Often music will calm her down and/or help her to stop crying
*She does this really cute thing with her eyebrows. When she is sleepy or it's bright out and she just can't open her eyes but wants to respond to your voice talking to he. She raises her eyebrows really high without opening her eyes so you know she's listening!
*She does this really cute thing with her mouth. She has the cutest faces she makes and one that she likes to make is her little lips all set in a perfect "o". It's like you can hear her saying "ohhhh"
*She love's her daddy. She loves to hear him talk to her and is very calmed when with him!
*When you lay her down to sleep, if her legs lay flat then she's probably going to fall asleep/stay asleep, but if her legs curl up or if she holds them up then she's probably going to cry as soon as your head hits the pillow!
*We have a little sleep test to determine the depth of her sleep. (When she's being held...) If you hold her like your going to put her in her crib and her arms drop flat then she's really asleep and will probably make the transfer from arms to bed, but if she holds her arms stiff or up by her body then she's definitely going to wake up in the transfer. (Just in case someone is worried, we often put her in her crib while she's still awake in hopes that she develops the ability to get herself to sleep...we don't want a parent depended sleeper...but we've found it very hard to be consistent these two weeks in that. We'll keep working!!)
*She's ticklish!! (In all the right tickle spots!) We found this out when desperately trying to keep her awake during her feedings (so that she gets a full feed each time!) It's so cute to see her wiggle when we tickle her sides or tummy!

I am so glad that the Lord is strong in my weakness. I know that He has a perfect plan for her life and that he gave her to Tony and me knowing full well we didn't know what we were doing! We pray over her every night and ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance and grace. The very cool thing is that I've experienced in a very real way how the Lord's mercies are renewed every morning. Especially after a long night of eating, crying, and wake time (doesn't she know she's supposed to do that in the daytime?) when the morning comes it is bright and I'm revived and ready to take on another day! His promise comes to mind when I'm feeding her each morning.. MY mercies renew each morning! Praise the Lord!!


Janelle said...


That is the sweetest thing I have ever read. Reading that list made me think of my own babies. Thank you for that tender reminder.

Alana said...

What a beauty, T! Wish I could get my hands on her and my arms around you for a big hug!

You are doing a great job! You are a good Mom! I'm not even there and I know that. I know it is hard in the beginning and self doubt can creep in, but you are right... God gave Ruthie to YOU and TONY for a reason!

By the way, we call Richie, Richie Roo, too! It may be a sign from God!

dawn said...

You are not alone, Teresa. We have all asked those unanswered questions. The key is do what is best and right for you and your baby. No one else knows what that best is but you. If she prefers the paci-give her the paci. If she likes her tummy-let her rest some on her tummy while you keep a watch over her. If you can put her down awake so she will fall asleep on her own-do so. If not, rock her, hold her, swing with her, do whatever it takes to get her to rest so you can rest too. You cannot spoil a baby this young. You cannot hold her too much or give her too much attention. She will be a wonderful child no matter what you do. God has her in his hands.

The truth is, there really are no right or wrong answers...there is only what works for you. And what works in your home might not work in mine and vice versa. It takes time to get into the groove.

I can tell you are doing a wonderful job. Just don't neglect yourself and your needs. If you do, you will wear yourself out.

Tara B. said...

Dear Teresa,

Oh how your blogs bring back memories! Your questions are not silly, but ones we all as moms faced. It doesn't matter how much experience you have with other people's children, when it's your own, it's all different!! I think I called our pediatrician at least a dozen times in Jonathan's first few weeks of life. Was that sneeze because of dust particles in the air or is he getting sick? If it's dust, should I get an air purifier?! Why won't he stop crying? Is he hungry, in pain, or just tired and can't sleep? It's much more difficult to answeer these questions when you are the one totally responsible for that little ones well-being and life, except for God of course. It is a BIG job, being someone's mother. Can I just say....enjoy these questions you ask yourself because they only get harder as Ruthie grows up. Should I get involved in the argument she is having with her friend or let her work it out herself? Is she being rebellious or just stretching her wings of independence? Is that an issue worthy of spanking or would time-out be effective? Is she learning everything from me as her teacher or would she would better off if she were in public or private school? And on, and on, and on! Don't get discouraged though Teresa because with each year of Ruthie's life, God blesses you with more mom wisdom, just enough to handle that year's questions.

And don't beat yourself up when you feel like you've failed or made a wrong decision. Remember, God's mercies are new each and every morning. And besides, how much do you remember from the first few years of your life?!! That's God's grace sister!

Pooie on the paci issue too. She won't go to college with it! If it comforts her and gives you peace, plug it in, plug it in!!

One comment though, and I know you've had many from others, but you cannot spoil Ruthie Grace at this age. Hold her, feel her hot baby breath on your neck as she sleeps on you, feel her heart beating next to yours....every minute you can. There will come a day...all too soon...when she will be discovering a world outside of mommy and daddy and her toddling and crawling days will make her want to spend less time in your arms and more time exploring. There'll be time enough for routines and forming good sleep habits later (like six months from now). Just enjoy her now. There will be no regrets, I promise. Sleep when she sleeps and take showers at night when Tony is home.

For the incessant crying, check to see too if she has gas. Gently push her little legs into her tummy to expel any before you lay her down and after she eats.

I so wish I could come and visit and am sorry I haven't. I have had three kids with strep throat in the last 2 1/2 weeks now and don't want to bring any kiddie cooties over there. I can't wait to meet Ruthie though and am praying like mad for you guys and the adjustment.

I know it's hard when you have those mommy moments where it doesn't seem like motherhood is all it was cracked up to be while you were pregnant and waiting for her, but "this too shall pass". The positives of motherhood (the blessings) far outweigh the negative. Like I said before, being a mother is the most rewarding, yet challenging and sometimes heartbreaking job you will ever know.

We love you, Tara B.