Friday, September 7, 2007

Where Have We BEEN?

Well, we've been busy...and I've not had a whole lot to blog about until this week!! Once I finally had something to blog about, other than poopy diapers, spit up, and sweet baby babble I didn't have the time, I mean one second to blog...

Last week Ruthie came down with her first cold. It was so sad, scary, and sweet at the same time. I was worried about her because you can't ask her what's wrong and get an answer. It really amazes me how parents can know their children so well and how babies communicate even without language. It was sad because I knew she didn't feel well. And, it was cute because she kind of lost her voice. Her cry and her sounds were definitely from a horse voice. They sounded so cute and pathetic. What a love!! After our first (of many) sick visits to the doctor and the reassurance that she's going to be just fine, she is feeling much better. Although, she does still have the remnants of her scratchy, raspy voice!

Here's some pictures to help heal the wounds from my lack of blogging!!

A bath picture! The washcloth just happened to be covering her "girl-ness". I always keep a washcloth on her tummy to help keep her warm in the water!

This is a picture with her "Taggy" blanket. A sweet friend had it made for her and had her name embroidered on it! It is so cute! And, I am bound and determined that she will become hopelessly attached to this blanket. It is small in size and it's so cute (as I've already said!). So we take Taggy everywhere with us!! (Even though she is only 7 weeks old!) My husband calls it "MR.Taggy" which I question because it is PINK!!! But, obviously my manipulation is working and this picture is the proof!! See the tag in her hand...she's already attached! :)


Alana said...

I've been wondering about you! Glad you're back!!

Janelle said...

So sorry to hear that she has been sick. I am glad she has made a full recovery.

LOVE Mr. Taggy! Looks like she will, too.

She is precious! I can only imagine what a blessing she is to your family.