Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MOPS Moments!

I am so excited about my day today! ... Sorry, I was interrupted by a poopy diaper!! But, we're all clean now!!

I will continue...

I went to my first MOPS meeting today! It was so much fun! Many of you are well aquatinted with MOPS! But, I was not until my friend Alana told me I HAD to find a group. After that I really started to think about going. I went to MOPS online where I found several groups in my area. I really feel that the Lord led me to this one particular group (Because there were about 5 that I could have chosen from!) See, most of the groups met on Thursday morning, and that is the only morning I couldn't go! (I teach with a home school group one morning a week!) So, this group met on Wednesday!

I knew that Satan was trying to keep me from going when everything was going crazy last night. I knew if I didn't get a certain amount of work done last night I would never make it this morning. I was bound and determined that Satan wasn't going to get me!! So I pushed through, got Terminex in and out, got the dog to the groomer and made it to the church where MOPS met 10 minutes before it began!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, everyone was goo-goo over Ruthie, and I made a table full of new friends! I can't wait until next month's meeting!! :)


Alana said...


That is a decision you will never regret. So glad you had a great time.

Mommy friends are lifesavers!

Janelle said...

That is wonderful! MOPS was so important in my early mothering. I have met my best friends thru MOPS.

Have fun!