Tuesday, November 20, 2007

32 & 4 in Ft. Lauderdale

Nope, it's not a secret code to an off shore bank account...don't I wish... it's a one line summary of our weekend!! We visited my grandparents (Ruthie's Great Grandparents) in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, and Ruthie and I had a birthday there!!! On Sunday, I turned 32 (ouch) and Ruthie turned 4 months (TIME IS FLYING!!!) But, the most important part of our weekend was spending time with Grandma and Grandpa and watching Ruthie love on them. It is so amazing what God does for us. He loves us so much that he gives us such special time. I see the earthly representation of God's love in my Grandpa. He is so sweet and kind. It was such a joy to watch him love on Ruthie.

I also was touched watching my grandma (Ruthie's namesake) interact with Ruthie. We named our first born after my grandma because we pray that Ruthie grows up to be just like Grandma Ruth. She is hard working, tender and kind, and loves her family and her God with all her heart. She is a picture of Proverbs 31. I am very blessed to have her as my Grandma.

Sunday (our birthdays) we spent going to church, going out to dinner, and then we had to say goodbye and drive home (Don't get me started on the drive home...Lets just say it started out at 6:00 with us heading to Miami instead of Naples and ended at 2:30 AM with two dogs, one baby- who was awake- and two cars loaded with stuff- putting gas and air in our tires to make it home !!! There's got to be a God lesson in there somewhere...)

Anyway, here are a few picture from our sweet weekend!!

Great Grandma Ruth & Ruthie

Great Grandpa Bill & Ruthie

The crew at an outdoor mall on Saturday

My honey and Me

Getting ready for Church

Grandpa Fogle joined us for a Birthday dinner!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Me at Houstons, my favorite restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. It sits on the intercostal waterway and it is BEAUTIFUL!! We sat outside so we could enjoy the weather, the boats, and the water...along with the company!!

Happy Birthday, from my sweetheart!

Too much fun for our little girl...over and out!!


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your sweet generational pictures. How precious.

Alana said...

Happy Birthday my kindred spirit! Loved seeing the pictures of your grandparents!

And I remember that Houston's!

Love ya!

Happy Thanksgiving!

with3blessings said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!
Thanks for sharing your great weekend with us!