Saturday, November 24, 2007

4 Months Old!! (About a week ago...)

Ruthie is 4 months old and has been busy growing and developing during this last month! Here's a short list of the things that she accomplished during her 3rd month!

* She went out of state for the first time...we went to GA to visit family read about it here

* She giggled right out loud (10/30/07). It was such a fun moment to hear her sweet laugh. Her giggle continues to morph into a full belly laugh. We're not quite there yet...but it is such a joy to see and here her giggle

* Her coos started out very soft quiet sounds that she graced us with occasionally. We were always so excited to hear her talk. This month her coos went from that soft quiet sound to a more throaty, louder "oh" sound. She spent several weeks perfecting the "oh". Then she moved on to "Uh-oh", "ah", and "ah-goo". Now, her sounds are squeals of delight and these louder, more frequent vowel and vowel constant combos. In fact, we can rarely get her to be quiet!! It's the best to have the house full of sound!!!

* She now puts her binkie in and takes it out. It's so cute to see the accomplished look on her face when she actually gets it in the right way!!

* She learned how to sneeze with out spewing the binkie out of her mouth!

* She had her first solids: rice cereal and her first fruit: Bananas

* She still likes to look at fans and lights

* She loves her hanging toys even more. She grabs the rings they're hanging on and pulls them down to her mouth! She even got one off the ring the other day!

* She chews on EVERYTHING!

* During bath time she kicks her legs so much she scoots down 1/2 way down the bath-tub mat and she flails her arms in delight! She still loves that tub-time.

* Doing great with lifting her head. She's getting it way off the blanket and flying like super-baby!

* She's turned to face the world in her baby bajorn!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from the past month:


Janelle said...

I heart Ruthie!

I know I have said it so many times before, she is YUMMY!

Great list of milestones. I can tell you are loving being a mommy.

Alana said...

She's a growin' girl! Can't believe she is 4 months already. So thankful I get to keep up with her on the blog!