Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We just came home from Ruthie's 4 month check up...can you believe she will be 4 months old on Sunday? So we will be starting to introduce food to her. I am planning on making my own baby food and wondered if there are any moms out there with advice, recipes, and/or info to help me in the process!!! Love to hear from you....


Alana said...

I have to laugh (at me, not you) because I had the best of intentions to do this as well with Richie. I bought a steamer, a food processor, ice cube trays and I did it for about two days before I decided that it wasn't for me ;-)

But, I know you love to cook so I'm sure you'll have better success than me in this department!

My advice, find a good book. I had one that had great instructions and pictures. You could probably check one out at the library.

Love ya!

Abigail Munday said...

I would say don't rush it! We waited until Matthew was 6 months old and he seemed interested in our food. (All kids are different, of course.) I made all his food, too, and it does take a bit of work (much more than just breastfeeding!).

The best benefit of just breastfeeding for a bit longer is that you can continue dealing with non-smelly poops for a while. Once the food hits their system, get a clothespin ready for your nose! :)

I've actually read that kids' bodies are geared up to have just breastmilk the first year, and introducing food is more of a socialization thing than something they actually really need.

If she seems genuinely extra hungry, hungrier than for just breastmilk, then go for it, and have fun! Get the bib and camera ready! It's hilarious watching kids being introduced to food. They seem so surprised, like what in the heck is it?

Janelle said...

Make sure the blender lid is on tight. I had a very bad experience with peas. Then I switched to Gerber! :)

Good luck. I have heard that a good food processor makes all the difference in baby food prep.

Check out the book Super Baby Food. It is a little intimidating, but has some good ideas and recipes.