Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Month Old!!!

We can hardly believe our Sweet Pea is 5 months old already!!! Time totally flies!! Here's a summary of what she did while she was four months old:

* She rolled over!!! See her new trick here She can't roll over from her back to her tummy (she probably could, but she hasn't. She much prefers to look at the world while laying on her back! She's almost made it from her back to her look out for an update!)

* She blows raspberries! She doesn't do this often, but she has done it a couple of times. And when she first learned how to do it she did it all the time. Perhaps the newness has worn off for a while!! (Raspberries are not fun while feeding her cereal!)

* She tried some veggies: Sweet potatos (her favorite!!) and Green Beans (these are coming along)

* She tried more fruits: Apples (a very yummy breakfast food!)

* She learned how to squeal! She likes to hear herself making this noise! It's so cute.

* She is chewing on her fingers ALL the time! She always has her fingers or her thumb in her mouth. Sometimes she gets both hands in there. It is so cute because she have as many fingers from both hands that she can possibly fit in her mouth and then when she catches your eye she smiles a really big grin. But, all you can see are her cute cheeks smiling around both of her hands that are stuffed in her mouth!! :)

*One of our favorite times is the first smile of the morning. She wakes up on the dot at about 7:30 -7:45am and she will sing, talk, and coo until you get her out of bed (a very happy morning baby!) But the best is when you walk into her room to pick her up in the morning she greets you with one of her biggest smiles. It's like she's saying "Good morning, I missed you and I love you!" She is so sweet!

* When she's really happy or she's communicating how much she loves us she smiles real big, brings her hands to her head to hold her hair, and then wiggles her hips back and forth. Then she brings her knees up! This is done at any time of the day when she's particularly happy, but is always done after her big smile first thing in the morning!

* She's reaching out to touch things now. She holds her hand out to touch our dog, Beethoven, and he is so sweet with her. She reaches for everything. She has even begun to reach for my hair, not to pull it, but to hold and twirl it likes she does her own hair. Such a loving and sweet gesture. When you're talking to her she reaches up to touch your face. What amazes us is how gentle she is. She caresses your face gently (most of the time) and pats it so lovingly. It's enough to get even the hardest of hearts, so you know how much it melt mine!!!

* Consistently taking a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour nap each afternoon. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I don't know why or how, but we've been working really hard at being home and being consistent with the afternoon nap. And, it has done wonders for her sleeping patterns during the day.

*Still going to bed about 9:00 each night and sleeping through until 7:30 in the morning. She used to wake up for her binkie and music, but she doesn't do that much anymore. She must be a sound sleeper!

*She had her first Thanksgiving.

*She had her first theatrical debut as baby Jesus!

*She weighs 13 pounds and 13 ounces.

* She had her first round of antibiotics and steroids for a pretty bad upper respiratory infection.

* She can pick up her binkie and put it in her mouth when she wants it. This is a new step in her fine motor skills. Last month (while she was 3 months) she mastered the art of taking it out and putting it in. But, she's moved on to picking it up and putting it in. :)

* She found her toes... which is very evident by 95 % of the pictures!!!

Here are a few sweet pics from this past month:

Here she is all bundled up because we got really cold. It was at least down to 40 degrees when we woke up and by the time we braved the cold it was at least 60 degrees.... cold huh? :)

Example number one of playing with my toes!!!

This is a good example of my two favorite things to do: 1. play with my toes 2. chew on my fingers. I get my two fingers in my mouth and hook them on my bottom lip. :) It's so cute!

This is a picture of Ruthie playing with one of her toys. It's a rattle, but she likes to get it on her wrist and wear it like a bracelet. Guess my indoctrination that started from day one about the beauty of jewelry is starting to pay off!


Alana said...

I CANNOT believe she is 5 months old!

It appears that she is coming along quite nicely ;-)

LOVE the picture of her with the hat and paci...gorgeous. I want to kiss those cheeks!

Janelle said...

Oh, I love it when they find their toes.

I remember listening to my daughter suck on hers from the back seat and through the baby monitor.

Enjoy every moment!