Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Firsts!!

We were so excited for this Christmas to come around as it was Ruthie's first Christmas! We were also excited because family was coming. My brother and sister-in-law came in from Maryland, my grandparents (Ruthie's greats) came in from Deerfield Beach and my dad came from Fort Lauderdale (although my dad had to leave before Christmas).

All were very excited to see Ruthie and gave her so much attention... which she soaked up and loved every minute of!

We started out Christmas eve at Dinner over looking the water... It was beautiful. From there we went to our church and had a lovely Christmas eve service. I love this service. I think it is my absolute favorite service at church and probably my favorite part of Christmas. It is such a wonderful time to celebrate the GOOD NEWS by celebrating the baby who brought it to us!

The whole group out by the water after dinner.

Tony, Myself, and Ruthie (yes, completely sacked out!) after dinner by the water.

The three of us at church after the service (for which she was completely awake for!! She didn't even try to eat the candles while we sang!!)

After the Christmas eve service, we came home, fed Ruthie, bathed Ruthie, nursed Ruthie and put her to bed. All before the big guy could even begin to arrive, if you know what I mean! I finally know what Christmas eve is like after children!! (We didn't get to bed until 2:30 am. ) I was also preparing for hosting my first Christmas breakfast- which went very well I must say. We had Bacon, Egg, and Cheese strata and French Toast Souffle (you can find the recipe at southern girls home cookin) Tony was working on a very special Christmas gift a plaster pair of Ruthie's hands. SO CUTE!!!

After breakfast was over and we opened the wrapped Santa presents & her stocking (I don't know how Santa does your presents but for Ruthie some are wrapped and some are left unwrapped!) We all went to my mom's house for presents and dinner! We had so many presents for Ruthie (mostly from grandparents and great grandparents... we tried not to go overboard) That we were opening 2 and 3 presents for every one of everyone else! Ruthie was so over worked by opening presents she had to take a rest right in the middle!! Obviously we did most of the unwrapping!! But, she did like to play with the wrapping paper balls~!

Santa Loot!

4 Generations together for Christmas!

The Christmas tree at my mom's!! (With more loot!!)

Our Family on Christmas

The whole family on Christmas

Resting between presents!

Ready to eat my Christmas dinner!!

All in all, the day was wonderful. Good times, Great family, Yummy food.


Alana said...

That sounds like SUCH a great time. I loved all the pictures. Happy New Year, friend!!

dawn said...

It's been too long since I have visited your site. I cannot believe how Ruthie has grown. That Christmas dress is ADORABLE and her stocking....Who can resist PBkids? I love it!

Thanks for sharing your Christmas!