Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby Jesus part 1 & 2- updated!

This has been a VERY busy week for our church and Ruthie has been a part of everything!! :) It started on Thursday night with a live nativity. We had a donkey, 2 goats, 2 sheep and some chickens along with Shepherds, Mary, Joseph, and Ruthie as Baby Jesus!! It was so sweet to see all the little kids touching the animals and taking part of the living nativity sceen. I'm sure those children will never forget it. As a mommy, it was such an awesome experience (and Humbling) to see my sweet little one playing the role of our baby Messiah. The Prince of Peace and King of Kings. I thought about what Mary might have been thinking as she tried to get Baby Jesus on a schedule so she could JUST GET SOMETHING FINISHED!!! I thought about how special it probably was to feed the Lord of Lords. And, I wondered if his poopie was stinky, and his spit up not so sweet. I felt very close to Mary and her baby Messiah that night.

Ruthie did an excellent job!!! NOT ONE LITTLE WHIMPER! I think she even had fun!! She LOVED looking at all the people and animals and was quite wide awake for the whole thing!

Then, Sunday night we had our Christmas Cantata and Children's play all wrapped up in one: What God Wants for Christmas. Again, Ruthie was baby Jesus. It was so cute as all the children in our church participated in some way. They were dancing with ribbons and some of the boys played the shepherds and the sheep and cows (SO CUTE!) I was in charge of the dessert bar afterwards, so once I got my little dumpling on and off the stage I headed back to make sure our other sweet treats were ready! My Sweetie was perfect! She was sleeping at first, and woke up on stage when one of the musical numbers got a little loud. After looking around a bit to figure out where in the world she was and what in the world was going on around her, she settled in for the show. Again, not one little whimper or cry. She enjoyed the entire event!

My wonderful husband has captured all of this fun on film (both moving and still) and I'll post a few of the best for you to enjoy!! :)

This is the whole picturesque scene!

A few sheep and goats!

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus ...

Mary & Baby Jesus in the play

A Sweet Little Cow!!!


Alana said...

Go Ruthie! Already a STAR at such a young age ;-)

Janelle said...

What a great memory! I bet you had tears in your eyes while you related to Mary's heart so long ago.