Monday, December 3, 2007

Thankful Things

Even though Thanksgiving has been run over by the sounds of credit cards being swiped (from crazy shoppers), and Ho Ho Ho (from shopping mall santas), and crinkle wrinkle (from packages being wrapped).... I am still very thankful for my family. My incredible, loving, Godly, and patient husband and my beautiful, sweet, happy, smiling loving daughter have made this Thanksgiving and Holiday season VERY bright!

We spent Thanksgiving with Tony's family!!! It was a lot of fun and there was A LOT of good food!! And the reason I haven't blogged about it is because of BLACK FRIDAY!!! Yes, I am a crazy woman with a crazy family....After all of the turkey and ham was consumed his sister and her husband and Tony and me all stayed up ALL night long to wait in the Best Buy line. My little sweetie was cuddled and covered snugly in her car-seat/stroller/portable bed while we waited in line from 2 am to 5 am to get a super deal on a TV..not for us...for them!!

Black Friday shopping is something Tony's family has done for many years. I am a new found convert of the FUN (?) of getting up early, battling large mean crowds to find a deal.... but you know, it kind of grows on you!! Tony and my sole purchase you ask? Did we get an amazing 52" flat screen for $5? Did we land a hot I-Phone for $20? No I respond loudly- We got 2 ten packs of hot wheels for $5!!! Hot wheels you ask... I thought you had a little girl...Funny...the hot wheels aren't for us...they're for me to sell on ebay!!! But, the laughing we did and the fun we had was totally worth the lack of sleep. It really didn't hit us until the next day!!

But, here are some pictures from the more traditional part of our Thanksgiving Day!!

Paw-Paw the turkey and ham smoking extraordinaire!!

Mom Z and me in the kitchen!

Mom Z and Tony and Ruthie

Ready for her first Thanksgiving dinner - Cereal and Sweet Potatoes!!!

Luke and Uncle Tony playing with Transformers!! :) Once a kid always a kid!!

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Alana said...

Wow, you are a dedicated in law to go so willingly and do the Black Friday stuff! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Did Ruthie enjoy her Sweet Taters?