Friday, April 4, 2008

Mmmm! My words taste good!

You know how you are BEFORE you have kids?

"Look at that child... MY CHILD WILL NEVER _____________ " You can fill in the blank with the appropriate thing. Sometimes I would fill in the blank with, "act that way" or "dress like that" or "make that face" or "talk to me like that" or "lie like that" etc...

So, Today was the day, the first one where my sweet precious and somewhat innocent little girl made me a liar!! I have often looked at the way other children are dressed when they are taken out and said, "my children will never look like that. Boy, what is that mom doing, can't she just wipe the kid's face for pity sake?"

As I said, Today was the day.

I ate my words.

They tasted... well at least I could laugh at it.

Ok, here's what happened. As I was running errands today, my sweet little Ruthie was behaving wonderfully, as usual. She loves to go out and about and watch people and look at things. She is a very good baby and a joy to take out of the house. Today she got a little cranky, as it was almost nap time, I understood. Trying to distract her, I gave Ruthie her juice cup. She loves her juice cup and usually drinks it up. If she's not drinking then she's teething on it. Either way, she's happy. And today proved no different. All the way through the store as I looked at one thing or another she was as happy as could be, drinking away.

She's always getting attention, so it was no surprise to me that everyone stopped and commented on how cute she was in her stroller. She had on this lovely summer outfit (yes, it was about 87 degrees here today) and a white bow in her hair to match. The only thing that I didn't like was she was barefoot. No big deal, I know she's not even pretending to walk yet, so her virgin feet never "hit" the floor. But, as I said, I take pride in the way Ruthie is always put together (wish I could say that about myself!).

Once we got out to the car, I unloaded our items, and went to put her in her car seat I realized what was keeping my precious little one so happy in the store.

It seems that she has found a way to twist the sippy cup cap and had DUMPED THE ENTIRE CUP OF JUICE ALL OVER HER AND HER STROLLER!!! Yes, she was literally drenched! Not being the freak out kind, I talked to her in a very calm and loving voice, all the while thinking WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!

There I was stripping my baby down to her diapers, changing a poopy one in the back seat mind you, and realizing that we didn't have a change of clothes. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Then, it started raining. NO LIE!!!

No problem, we're almost done. BUT, what am I going to do? Go home and get a change of clothes before continuing onto my last stop? No, she would never last that long and we would be interrupting nap time... a definite no-no! Go to Publix with her in her diaper? No, I couldn't do that. What about all the times where I'd seen other moms with kids in diapers and thought, "man, can't you just put something on that sweet baby? It's not her/his fault that you're so busy!"

With the full knowledge that I was going to be eating my words, I walked into Publix with my sweet girl in only a diaper. At least it was clean!

I just knew everyone was looking at me thinking what a horrible mom I was. Hey, at least she had a bow in her hair. Oh. Yes. She. Did.

Maybe next time I see something that "I would never do" I'll be a little slower to judge my fellow moms!!


Abigail Munday said...

I know, I know, I used to think the same way, too! I would "never let my kid be seen with a snotty nose" and I would "never let anybody hear my kid scream in a public place." Ha. When it's winter and your child has a cold, you can only wipe their nose so many times before you go crazy, and when they're two and tantrummy, yes, they do scream in public sometimes! Wish my words tasted like dessert.

Janelle said...

I think you are now officially in THE CLUB. You have become the lady at WalMarts that you swore you never would become! I LOVE IT!!

Skip and I had to stop at Wal Mart while on a trip. We had just been to a wedding and the kids had taken their fancy shoes off and refused to put them back on. You know, sometimes you have to pick your battles. we went. The kids in their barefeeted glory. The funny thing was that we were all dressed up from the wedding, so it was a little ridiculous.

Way to go, Teresa. You just made me smile!

with3blessings said...

Love your blog! Just so you know, as you continue to parent, you keep eating your words...and eating your words. My "rule" that I thought I would NEVER break?!? "The TV will never babysit my kids!" Oh, yeah.. eat those words weekly..even daily. Isn't parenting fun? And humbling?

Alana said...

Oh, my sweet friend.

I don't know if you'll believe me when I tell you this, but you might want to take those words and put them on a plate with a little garnish, because you just might be in for a steady diet.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ;-)

Wander said...

How funny! I am so totally brand new to blogs...I just happened to find them yesterday. I know...sounds absolutely ridonculous, but it's true. I have been a linkin here and linkin there to everybody's cute blog pages. Now...I might be addicted. My husband has bugged me about doing one of my own for y e a r s! Duh...I had no idea what they were even like.
Anywho your sweet mama judging story is a hoot. I am a mom to 3 teens...but sister let me tell ya...these were the cleanest, most perfectly cared for babies in the world. I have been brought down (thank you Lord) to my true self many times by accidents like yours. My youngest baby...who's now 13...was the car sick queen! We couldn't go anywhere that this baby didn't send her stomach contents flying through our car at mock speeds. Let's just say..I have had to buy clothes on many outings. So...sweet story...God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Teresa ~
I loved reading this today. :-)
It really made me smile. I can honestly say I have been there.
God bless!

Blooming Where We're Planted said...

I LOVE IT!!! Oh I can't even imagine how many times you've probably thought the same thing about something you've seen me or my kids do!! Like when Ben comes to church with his alfalfa hair...or Jonathan wears pants that I HATE!! And just wait until you have no tissue on you and are somewhere they are not accessible and Ruthie sneezes an atomic sneeze...yes, snot bubbles included. I swore I would never resort to using my shirt as a tissue, but have had to do it so many times I've lost count. You just suck it up and add it to your mommy resume!!