Monday, April 21, 2008

Ruthie Live

This is Ruthie talking. We were trying to capture how she talks with her hands, but she discovered that if she banged the table she made noise and instead of talking with her hands she just kept banging the table. But, it's a cute little clip of some of our conversations! Enjoy!

This is Ruthie with Uncle Matt at the restaurant where we went for breakfast. He is bouncing her and she is singing! TOO CUTE! It's a little hard to hear her because of all the background noise, but if you listen closely you'll hear her sing in vibration!

This is a short clip of her eating cheerios... with some lovely mus-ac in the background!

Hope you enjoyed some of our home video!


Alana said...

Will and I so enjoyed those videos! He said, "Who's that baby?" and I said, "that's Ruthie!" And he said, "Rufie?" Too cute!

Okay, now he's saying, "I wish we could go to Rufie's house".

And I said, "Me too, buddy"

Love ya!

dawn said...