Saturday, April 19, 2008

Steven Curtis, Cinderella, and all that Jazz!

We were blessed with some tickets to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert this weekend! It was so fabulous! What a great performer and what a wonderful heart. He did all the favorites plus a section of requests. That was fun! His two sons were there playing in his band. That must have been cool! Most of you know that he and his wife have adopted 3 little girls which makes his family 6 kids strong. They also have created a non-profit that helps qualified christian families adopt orphans from around the world. They give monetary donations so that regular folks can adopt. Its called Shaohanna's Hope. At the end of the concert they brought a family up on stage and gave them the "change for orphans" that was collected at the concert. OVER $4,000!!! WOW!!! Pretty Cool.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Ruthie & Kirsten

The hubs and Me

Ruthie and Daddy while this songwas playing

Their Fam (minus the guy in the row behind them!)

Our Fam

It was a long night and they both were sacked out!

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