Monday, July 7, 2008

Peaches or Biscuit... Adventures in naming a dog!

My mom got a new puppy... and she is absolutely adorable!! We were able to keep her for 2 days when my mom was at a teaching convention. (Actually, we got to pick her up from the airport for my mom. It was so much fun!!) Here are some pictures of Peaches. No, wait correction. The dog's name is now Biscuit! After we called her Peaches for 2 days (the name my mom originally thought of after only seeing a picture of her) my mom didn't think it suited her once she met her... so the name was changed to Biscuit. If this dog has an Identity problem later in life, we'll know why!

Biscuit and Ruthie!


with3blessings said...

You could call her...peaches filled biscuit or Buscuit w/ peaches. Both sound gross - but that dog is CUTE!

Alana said...

That's just too much adorableness in one picture.

We did the same thing with William when he was born. We were going to call him Seth William, but when I met him, I knew he was William Seth. We have video of Richie still calling him Seth early on ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am happy for your Mom that she got such a sweet dog. :-)
And I love the name Biscuit!

Janelle said...

I was going to say that it sounds just like Alana's story with William. That was classic!

When did Ruthie's hair get so long? Overnight. I am sure.

Terri Eckhout said...

Hey there Thersea. Gosh it's been a really long time since we've seen each other. It's your long lost cousin Terri Lynn. I was in Florida visiting the family and your dad gave me your blog spot address. This is to cool!!! You have a beautiful family. It looks like life is going great for you. I would love to keep in touch and get your email address so I can send you pictures of my family. My email address is Sending my love to you and the family. XOXOXO