Monday, July 21, 2008

Ruthie's First Birthday, Part 2

Saturday morning bright and early started my day making 30 "uncrustable" style PB & J for her party later. The theme was "Ruthie's Backyard Birthday Bash!" and we invited about 50 of our closest friends and family! We had about 20 kids from church and a few cousins that were helping us celebrate along with their parents! We had baby pools filled with water and a 16 foot slip n slide for the kids pleasure (believe me when I say 16 feet sound much longer when reading on the box then when stretched outside... but they enjoyed it none the less!) We also had "the game" for the big kids (aka adults!) That is a horse-shoe style game played with these PVC stands and two golf balls attached by twine. I'll show you some pictures below.

It went off with out a hitch. All my planning and praying paid off. No Rain. That is a miracle. It's summer in Florida. It rains in the afternoon EVERYDAY. You can set your watch by the rain. But, no rain on Ruthie's party day!! Also, she napped at the exact PERFECT time. Just enough before that she would be a ray of sunshine at her party! I don't know what everyone else is talking about.. this party thing is EASY! Or at least that is what I was thinking until 15 minutes before the party!

I had the food made ahead of time. BBQ pork sandwiches and PB & J. My mom made a fruit salad, and Aunt Holly made her prize winning potato salad. My mom-in-law brought the veggies, chips, and dip! I had been collecting soda and water every time it went on sale. And I made the cookies that go in the treat bags a few days before. Everything was running smoothly.

Tony and my brother set up the outside. The pools, the slip n slide, the pop-up pavilion. Decorated with streamers and balloons... it's all set. Ruthie woke up, I dressed her in her fancy party dress, and sat her on the couch with 4 adults and a cup of juice while I ran around doing last minute things....

This is Ruthie BEFORE she took a dive OFF THE COUCH 15 minutes before the party!! Yes, she did. Yes, all the adults felt so bad. They said it was in a blink of an eye and they couldn't even react fast enough to catch her...even though they tried.

I don't have a good picture of AFTER because we were too busy trying to get her to stop crying, putting frozen peas on her forehead where this BIG red goose egg appeared, and generally trying to calm down from the traumatic experience. Although it was scary then, because she is alright now, I can kinda laugh at the thought that I had it all together... Just another reminder that the LORD has everything in His control. And, without him we are nothing...

But, other than that... everything was PERFECT. Such a wonderful day, as you'll see from the pictures below!

The food table

The party scene - along the back fence were pictures of Ruthie through out her first year. The guest had to guess how old she was in each picture!

The cookie treats!

The hubs playing "the game"

My bro playing "the game"

cooling off w/ cold water!!

Her beautiful cake!!

She picked off all the pink polk-a-dots before diving in... deja vu!

Her friend Kylie found her own private spa during the party... the juice bucket!!

Winding down...

Almost out!

We had a wonderful day. I hope you were able to enjoy it with us through this picture fest!!! (sorry about all the pictures, but I took over think of all the pictures I spared you from!! :))


Donna said...

So sorry that we missed this special occasion. Our thoughts were with Ruthie on her special day.
We love you dearly,
Papa B and Mama D

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Adorable party & cake! And I love the name Ruthie!