Friday, July 18, 2008

Ruthie is ONE YEAR OLD!!!

In a blink of an eye, this year has flown by. Tony and I have spent the day reminiscing on "last year at this time" as in "last year at this time we were..." I can't believe my little girl is a year old. She is such a happy, joyful, and easy going child. We love nothing more than to spend our time watching the delight in her eyes as she plays. Or hearing the sweetest giggle as we chase her and she crawls away. Or watching as the world around her becomes bigger and bigger. She is the light of our life. She is such a joy. And we can't even remember life before Ruthie... Through a few shed tears (because my baby is one year old) I plan on soaking as much as I can today and this weekend as we celebrate the most wonderful gift from God, our baby girl. We are truly blessed. I'll update everyone on the festivities after this weekend, but for now, here is a sampling of what she accomplished while she was 11 months old!

* First airplane ride

* Enjoyed new foods such as organic animal crackers, pizza, & grilled cheese

* Last week started on cows milk. We're beginning to wean her. At first she hated milk. She would get this really funny look on her face as though she'd tasted something awful. She'd push away her sippy cup and refuse to drink. After a while, and a very persistent mommy, I'm happy to report that she drank a full 4 oz today at lunch!

* Ruthie is very content to stay in the family room and play with her toys. She doesn't give much attention to the other things around her. Until recently. The last couple of months she has really started noticing the things around her and has really started to get her hands into things. (although most of the time if she knows it's not for her she doesn't touch it.. once we've convinced her of it!) But this month she crawled out of the family room and discovered the rest of the house!

* She blows kisses

* When you ask her how big she is she throws her arms up and waits for you to say "so big"!

* She LOVES to turn circles while she's sitting on her bottom. She's done this for a couple of months too.

* She does patty cake now. It's so cute to watch her "roll it and roll it" then she waits for the big finish and throws her arms up again for "throw it in the oven for Ruthie and me"

* Says "Hi Daddy" I was so amazed when Tony walked in the room and she put two words together!!

* Drinks from a cup (not a sippy, a regular cup!) But no without spilling! LOVE water bottles. If she sees you with one she won't stop until she has it!!

* Did her first art project... finger painting. She painted a picture for a friend of ours from church who is in the hospital after a very serious car accident. Please keep Jim Lancaster in your prayers. We are praying for a miracle and a full healing of his body.

Finger painting

Her Masterpiece

Playing with Uncle Matt

Mommy and her sweet girl

Ruthie and Carson at HIS first birthday!

This clip is Ruthie showing off "so big!" She also puts her pointer finger up when we ask how old she is. But, She only does that when she wants to, and apparently, she didn't want to for this video!

This clip is Ruthie showing off her "peek-a-boo" Don't mind the towel around her neck (I forgot to take a bib to my in laws house that day, or the pizza on her face. As I said, that girl can really get into some pizza...


with3blessings said...

Happy Birthday Ruthie!

Steve said...

I used to eat Organic animal crackers,.. but then I started getting all of these organs in my body.. and no pianos... anyway..

Happy Birthday my sweet Baby Ruthie Jesus!

We love you very much!

The Cragg's

The Cain Family said...

Awwww, Teresa...I loved the video's and I've got to tell you how I love how you let her finger paint. That's just wonderful!!! Finger painting play group when I get back!!!! I can't wait for her party tomorrow!

Janelle said...

You are such a wonderful mommy. I have loved getting to "know" you this year. Your blog has blessed me. Ruthie is an absolute sweetie. How does she feel about younger men??? I have a perfect little man for her...

Think about it.

Alana said...

Happy Birthday, Ruthie! Sorry I missed wishing it on her actual birthday! Things have been crazy here with a birthday party yesterday and my niece Lucy visiting. I will come back soon and read through all these wonderful birthday posts...can't wait! Love you, friend!!