Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruthie is 21 months old!!! (about 2 weeks ago!)

This post is a long time coming.... I need to post about Emma being 1 MONTH OLD TODAY, but I will not allow myself that post until I write about Ruthie's 20th month!! So much has happened this month... my little baby grew up and it is amazing. She is talking up a storm... sentences with 5-7 words in them, using pronouns CORRECTLY, and is such a sweet loving older sister!!

She said the other day, when Emma was under the nursing cover, "Where did Emma go? Peek-boo, I see you" Isn't that cute!

Here are some other things that she's been up to:

* She has a monkey puppet at my mom's house and she LOVES monkey (original name, huh?) That is her second favorite.. right after "Cucky" (Ducky).

* Salad is her new favorite food. She LOVES it. She wants to eat it before ANYTHING else, and if you have some and you don't share... oh my does she get upset!!

* She started to tickle us... it's so cute she wiggles her fingers and says, "Kee-kle, Kee-kle" She has such a fun personality that is emerging. She is funny- what a sense of humor- and she love to laugh- what a beautiful laugh she has- and she is a stinker- she'll get you just for the fun of it and have a twinkle in her eye the whole time!!

* She became a BIG SISTER!!! She loves Emma so much and had done an excellent job adjusting. This month has been hard- not only did she become a big sister but also Tony's brother and family moved back into town from Washington state. And we are thrilled they are here. The hard part is they have a daughter 2 months older than Ruthie- so she's gone from not having to share anything (toys/mommy/daddy/aunts/uncles/cousins/grandma/pawpaw)- to having to share EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING in her life all at the same time. She's done remarkable well for being so young and having so much expected of her. I am SO proud of how she has handled it all. What a trooper.

* She loves to give Emma kisses, to hold her, and she even offered Emma her blankie one night!!

* She has always loved it when I (or anyone) sings. Music is something that makes her happy and soothes her. So it was no surprise to me that she has started singing all the time. Her songs are so cute. It is mostly her baby talk in a sing/song voice. PRECIOUS!! However, she does sing Itsy Bitsy Spider pretty well... it goes like this

Mommy- "The itsy bitsy spider when up the water spout" (Ruthie doing the hand motions)
Mommy and Ruthie- "Down"
Mommy- "came the rain and" (Ruthie doing the hand motions
Mommy and Ruthie- "Wash"
Mommy - "the spider out"
Mommy and Ruthie "up came -the- Sun"
Mommy- "and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again"
Ruthie- clapping and says "yeah!"

* She loves to blow bubbles and to pop them. She's even started to pretend to blow bubbles by putting her index finger to her lips and blowing, then she points her finger into the air and says "POP" say it with me now, "It's SO cute!"

* She started calling butterflies "flowers" but by the end of the month they are "fowr-flies"

*She thinks grapes are "mummy" (yummy) and calls them "Wwww-eeks" because I always say "grrrrrr-apes" trying to emphasize the beginning blend of 'gr'!!

* Said to me "mommy I sit here" and sat on a pillow on the floor like it was her throne. Has been telling us where she wants to sit ever since!!

* She often gets her leg stuck between the bars of her crib... I guess it's fun to do when you're waiting for mommy to come get you in the morning... fun until you get stuck. So when I hear the cry- the one that means come now- I know that she is stuck. I get to her room asap and she says to me, "Mommy, I'm stuck"

* "I know" has been her favorite answer when we tell her she's doing something that she shouldn't. It's all we can do not to laugh.

* "mommy, I keen the floor" has also been said a few times. She loves the swifter duster and so I've been known to give her one to "play" with!

* She has a plastic travel mug that I allow her to play with. The other day she comes out of her room w/ the mug and says, "my coffee". I guess all the girls in her life have been drinking a little too much of that stuff. That mug is officially her "coffee"

* She has been saying for quite some time now, I love you which comes out more like this, "I wa wa you" but she recently added this to the end, "I wa wa you much" because I often say, "I love you very much" Melts my mommy heart... big time!

* She graduated out of Physical Therapy. I'll do a whole post on that, but wanted to document the occasion. We go back for a check up in a few weeks and then maybe again in 6 months. But, she's worked so hard and her PT is so good that she's mastered the skills needed for her age!! :) YEAH!!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!
John Deer Tracker shirt - courtesy of Mr. Bill!!

Playing "side" with Daddy!

Technically this isn't from her 20th month.. but this is mommy and Ruthie at the farm!

Ruthie dusting her bike

I don't know what she was trying to do... I think she was trying to sit on the edge of the baby bed, but she ended up falling in. I though it was so cute that I didn't get her out, I got my camera instead. Although, after the pic I DID get her out.

Ruthie as Tinkerbell- She's beginning to love dressing up!!

After one of her favorite things (taking off all her clothes and her diaper) to pass the time until mommy gets her up and out of her bed!!


Alana said...

I especially love the one of the two of you together! Can't believe she is getting so big!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

How sweet!

That's funny about her coffee - the other day at a friend's house she offered Matthew milk or juice, and he said, "How about coffee?" :)