Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of Christ as a family of four!! It started off a week early with our church's annual Easter picnic and egg hunt... Tony took Ruthie to the picnic and Emma and I stayed home (because she was only one week old at the time!)

They left right after the food- because Ruthie was so tired. She had so much fun playing outside "side" with the other kids and finding eggs that she was asleep before they were out of the driveway.

Then we had fun dying Easter eggs for the first time...

Easter Sunday was a busy day- but a good day. It started off seeing what the Easter Bunny brought Ruthie... a nice basket full of goodies and eggs that were "hidden". It was so much fun to watch her find the eggs. Each time she saw one she'd say, "oh wow an egg" and then she'd pick it up and shake it. The smile that beamed was just beautiful! The Easter Bunny is a smart bunny because he/she (?) put M & M's in Ruthie's eggs... and M&M's are her favorite candy!

The Bunny stash!

Ruthie's Basket

After quickly getting ready, we joined my mom, brother and his wife, and grandma at my mom's church! They were celebrating Easter as their first Sunday in their new building! It was wonderful to be a part of that special day.

Aunt Holly and Alan

Our family of four

The bigger Family!!

After church we went back to my mom's for a yummy lunch and then over to Tony's mom for another egg hunt and a yummy dinner. We were so excited that his youngest brother and his family are back in town. They're moving to Orlando from Washington state.

What a wonderful day of celebration. Celebrating the glorious resurrection of our Lord, the promise of the cross, and the hope of resurrection Sunday. Celebrating new life. Celebrating family. All the blessings the Lord has graciously given our little family. Sometimes it is just too much to take in. Words don't do justice! Happy Easter!

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